Exercise List


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Cervical Exercises:

  1. AAROM cough quadpleg prone (Quad cough)
  2. AAROM parapleg cough longsitting (Longsit para cough)
  3. AAROM parapleg cough sitting (Sitting para cough)
  4. AAROM quadpleg cough longsitting (Longsit quad cough)
  5. Arch prevention (Arch prevention)
  6. AROM breaststroke swim (Breaststroke)
  7. AROM cerv circum (Neck circles)
  8. AROM cerv diagonals sit/stand (Diagonal look ups)
  9. AROM cerv diagonals supine (Neck diagonals)
  10. AROM cerv ext (upper) sit (Upper neck extend)
  11. AROM cerv ext prone (Prone neck backbend)
  12. AROM cerv ext prone arms down w/chin tuck (Chin tuck extension)
  13. AROM cerv ext prone arms neutral w/chin tuck (Prone neck lift)
  14. AROM cerv ext sit (Neck back bend)
  15. AROM cerv ext w/ball (Neck press back at wall)
  16. AROM cerv ext/rotn (Neck back bend and turn)
  17. AROM cerv ext/rotn supine (Supine neck back bend and turn)
  18. AROM cerv flx (upper) supine (Supine upper neck forward bend)
  19. AROM cerv flx at wall w/ball (Neck bend at wall)
  20. AROM cerv flx eccentric supine (Neck lay back)
  21. AROM cerv flx sit w/arm assist (Sitting neck forward bend and stretch)
  22. AROM cerv flx sit/stand (Neck forward bend)
  23. AROM cerv flx supine (Supine chin to chest lift)
  24. AROM cerv flx/ext quadruped (Kneeling neck bends)
  25. AROM cerv flx/ext w/chin tuck 4 point (Kneeling chin tuck neck extend)
  26. AROM cerv neutral stability quadruped w/ball (Quadruped neck stabilization w/ball)
  27. AROM cerv protract (Forward chin push)
  28. AROM cerv retract (chin tuck) prone (Prone chin tuck)
  29. AROM cerv retract (chin tuck) sit/stand (Chin tuck)
  30. AROM cerv retract (chin tuck) supine (Supine chin tuck)
  31. AROM cerv retract w/ball (Wall chin tuck)
  32. AROM cerv retract/rotn sit (Chin tuck and turn)
  33. AROM cerv rot sit (Neck turn)
  34. AROM cerv rot stand (Neck twist)
  35. AROM cerv rot supine (Supine neck turn)
  36. AROM cerv rotn supine (AROM cerv rotn supine)
  37. AROM cerv rotn w/ball (Neck turns at wall)
  38. AROM cerv sidebend supine (AROM cerv sidebend supine)
  39. AROM cerv sidebend w/ball (Neck sidebend at ball)
  40. AROM cerv sidebend-flx (Pool neck side/front bend)
  41. AROM cerv sidebending sidelying (Sidelying neck side bend)
  42. AROM cerv sidebending sit (Neck sidebend)
  43. AROM cerv sidebending supine (Supine neck sidebend)
  44. AROM floating prone in Pool (Face down floating)
  45. AROM freestyle swim (Freestyle)
  46. AROM gait walking (Walking)
  47. AROM lumbar/cerv posture sitting (Correct sitting posture chin tuck)
  48. AROM prone head/neck control (Prone head/neck control)
  49. AROM quadruped cerv ext/rotn (4 point neck turns)
  50. AROM radial nerve stretch (Radial nerve stretch)
  51. AROM shld elev/retract bil (shld rolls) (Shoulder rollbacks)
  52. AROM static cerv at wall w/ball (Ball neck stability in standing)
  53. AROM ulnar nerve glide proximal bent elbow (Ulnar nerve glide proximal bent elbow)
  54. AROM ulnar nerve glide proximal straight elbow (Ulnar nerve glide proximal straight elbow)
  55. AROM vestib eye tracking sit (moving thumb) (Sitting thumb track)
  56. AROM vestib eye tracking sit (static thumb) (Static thumb eye track)
  57. AROM vestib eye tracking sit out/in (Sitting thumb in/out track)
  58. AROM vestib eye tracking sit side/side (Sitting distant thumb track)
  59. AROM vestib eye tracking stand (moving thumb) (Static head moving hand)
  60. AROM vestib eye tracking stand (static thumb) (Static hand eye focus)
  61. AROM vestib eye tracking stand out/in (In out eye track)
  62. AROM vestib head moving sit (Vestibular head turns)
  63. AROM vestib head moving stand (Standing head movement)
  64. AROM vestib head trunk moving sit w/object (Reach down and lift)
  65. AROM vestib head trunk moving stand (Stand to floor pickup balance practice)
  66. AROM vestib head trunk moving stand w/object (Stand and reach balance practice)
  67. AROM vestib roll to sit (Supine sit and turn)
  68. AROM vestib sidelying dynamic head (Sidelying head turn)
  69. AROM vestib sit to sidelying both sides (Sit to sidelying inner ear training)
  70. AROM vestib sit to sidelying one side (Sit to sidelying head turn)
  71. AROM vestib sit to stand head neutral (Sit to stand balance practice)
  72. AROM vestib sit to stand head turned (Sit to stand head turned balance practice)
  73. AROM vestib sit to supine (Sit to layback inner ear training)
  74. AROM vestib w/eye dynamic head side/side (Head turn thumb track)
  75. AROM vestib w/eye dynamic head up/down (Head end/extend thumb track)
  76. AROM vestib w/eye in phase side/side (Eye hand in phase track)
  77. AROM vestib w/eye in phase up/down (Eye hand up down phase track)
  78. AROM vestib w/eye out phase side/side (Head turn opposite arm track)
  79. AROM vestib w/eye out phase up/down (Head move arm raise track)
  80. Attention strategy visual stimuli (Attention strategy visual stimuli)
  81. Boomerang Part 2 (Boomerang part 2)
  82. Bow (Bow)
  83. Breathing Tall Stand Windmill (Breathing tall stand windmill)
  84. Camel (Camel)
  85. Carry outward facing (Carry outward facing)
  86. Carry prone (Carry prone)
  87. Carry side hip (Carry side hip)
  88. Carry supine (Carry supine)
  89. Cat-Cow (Cat-cow)
  90. Cervical Nod (Cervical nod)
  91. Chest Expand (Chest expand)
  92. Child (Child)
  93. Cobra (Cobra)
  94. Crawl active (Crawl active)
  95. Creep active (Creep active)
  96. Creep assist (Creep assist)
  97. Double Leg Kick (Double leg kick)
  98. Fish (Fish)
  99. Forward Bend Hand under Foot (Forward bend hand under foot)
  100. Full Locust (Full locust)
  101. Half Moon Twist (Half moon twist)
  102. Head Bridge (Head bridge)
  103. Head Float (Head float)
  104. Head to Knee (Head to knee)
  105. Iso cerv ext (Isometric neck back push)
  106. Iso cerv ext diag (Isometric neck diagonal)
  107. Iso cerv ext w/elastic (Isometric neck back and lift)
  108. Iso cerv flx (Isometric forward neck push)
  109. Iso cerv retract w/elastic (Elastic isometric neck retraction)
  110. Iso cerv rotn (Isometric neck twist push)
  111. Iso cerv rotn w/elastic (Elastic isometric neck rotation)
  112. Iso cerv sidebend (Isometric side neck push)
  113. Iso cerv sidebend w/elastic (Elastic isometric neck sidebend)
  114. Lion (Lion)
  115. Long Bow (Long bow)
  116. Lower Lift Adv (Lower lift adv)
  117. Massage cervical w/Tiger Tail (Tiger Tail neck massage)
  118. Massage Traps w/Tiger Tail (Tiger Tail upper back massage)
  119. Massage Upper Trap w/Tiger Tail (Tiger Tail Upper Trap massage)
  120. Mermaid (Mermaid)
  121. Mob cerv ext w/towel. (Neck backbend w/towel)
  122. Mob cerv OA (OA mob)
  123. Mob cerv upper flx/ext (Upper neck mobilization)
  124. Mob cerv upper sidebend (Upper neck sidebend)
  125. Mob cerv upper sidebend stand/sit (Upper neck sidebend mobilization)
  126. Mob thoracic first rib w/towel (first rib mobilizer)
  127. Neck control/head righting sitting (Neck control/head righting sitting)
  128. Neck Pull Adv (Neck pull adv)
  129. Neck Pull Inter (Neck pull inter)
  130. Nose Circles (Nose circles)
  131. Pigeon King (Pigeon king)
  132. Positioning prone w/wedge (Positioning prone w/wedge)
  133. Positioning sidelying (Positioning sidelying)
  134. Positioning sit w/adaptive chair (Positioning sit w/adaptive chair)
  135. Positioning sit w/chair (Positioning sit w/chair)
  136. Positioning sit w/child seat (Positioning sit w/child seat)
  137. Positioning sit w/wheelchair (Positioning sit w/wheelchair)
  138. PROM cerv rotn supine (PROM cerv rotn supine)
  139. PROM cerv sidebend supine (PROM cerv sidebend supine)
  140. Prone to 4 point kneel (Prone to 4 point kneel)
  141. Rabbit (Rabbit)
  142. Resist cerv ext w/elastic (Elastic neck back)
  143. Resist cerv flx (upper) w/elastic (Elastic upper neck bend down)
  144. Resist cerv flx w/elastic (Elastic neck forward bend)
  145. Resist cerv flx/ext static supine w/elastic (Static neck floss nod)
  146. Resist cerv retract w/elastic (chin tuck) (Tubing chin tuck)
  147. Resist cerv rotn static supine w/elastic (Static floss neck turn)
  148. Resist cerv rotn supine w/elastic (Supine elastic neck twist)
  149. Resist cerv rotn w/elastic (Elastic head turn)
  150. Resist cerv sidebending w/elastic (Elastic neck sidebend)
  151. Resist dynam-iso cerv ext sit w/Elastic (Neck extend dynamic isometric sitting with elastic)
  152. Resist dynam-iso cerv ext stand w/Elastic (Neck extend dynamic isometric stand with elastic)
  153. Resist dynam-iso cerv flx sit w/Elastic (Neck flex dynamic isometric sitting with elastic)
  154. Resist dynam-iso cerv flx stand w/Elastic (neck flex dynamic isometric stand with elastic)
  155. Resist dynam-iso cerv rotn sit w/Elastic (Dynamic isometric neck turn sitting with elastic)
  156. Resist dynam-iso cerv sidebend sit w/Elastic (Neck sidebend dynamic isometric sidebend sitting with elastic)
  157. Resist dynam-iso cerv sidebend stand w/Elastic (Neck sidebend dynamic isometric standing with elastic)
  158. Resist shld elev/retract bil w/elastic (shld rolls) (Elastic shoulder shrugs)
  159. Resist shld elev/retract bil w/wt (shld rolls) (DB shoulder rollbacks)
  160. Reverse Namaste (Reverse namaste)
  161. Reverse Plank (Reverse plank)
  162. Rolling supine to prone (Rolling supine to prone)
  163. Rolling supine to prone assist (Rolling supine to prone assist)
  164. Rolling Wall (Rolling wall)
  165. Sage (Sage)
  166. Sensory proprioception activity (Sensory proprioception activity)
  167. Sensory proprioception sit w/adult (Sensory proprioception sit w/adult)
  168. Sensory proprioception sit w/ball (Sensory proprioception sit w/ball)
  169. Sensory tactile input (Sensory tactile input)
  170. Sensory vestibular input (Sensory vestibular input)
  171. Sensory vestibular rocking (Sensory vestibular rocking)
  172. Sensory vestibular spinning (Sensory vestibular spinning)
  173. Side Twist Seated (Side twist seated)
  174. Sidelying to longsitting (Sidelying to longsitting)
  175. Single Leg Stretch Inter (Single leg stretch inter)
  176. Sit longsitting (Sit longsitting)
  177. Sit sidesitting (Sit sidesitting)
  178. Spinal Twist Seated (Spinal twist seated)
  179. Staff (Staff)
  180. Stretch cerv decompression (Neck traction stretch)
  181. Stretch cerv ext sit (Sitting neck backbend stretch)
  182. Stretch cerv ext sit w/over pressure (Backward neck stretch)
  183. Stretch cerv ext supine (Supported neck back bend)
  184. Stretch cerv ext w/chintuck (Sitting chin tuck extend stretch)
  185. Stretch cerv ext w/Pectoral (Butterfly Pec stretch)
  186. Stretch cerv flex/ext w/overpressure (Assisted forward back neck stretch)
  187. Stretch cerv flx (Forward neck stretch)
  188. Stretch cerv flx prone arms at side (Prone neck forward bend)
  189. Stretch cerv flx prone arms up (Prone forward neck bend 2)
  190. Stretch cerv flx prone on elbow (Elbow forward neck stretch)
  191. Stretch cerv retract (chin tuck) supine (Pillow chin tuck)
  192. Stretch cerv rotn (Turning neck stretch)
  193. Stretch cerv rotn active (Neck twist stretch)
  194. Stretch cerv rotn infant (Stretch cerv rotn infant)
  195. Stretch cerv rotn stand w/arm abd (Arm up neck twist)
  196. Stretch cerv rotn w/overpressure (Assisted neck twist stretch)
  197. Stretch cerv rotn/ext supine w/ball (Diagonal neck stretch on ball)
  198. Stretch cerv sidebend (Stretch cerv sidebend)
  199. Stretch cerv sidebend arm stable (Table neck sidebend)
  200. Stretch cerv sidebend supine (Backlying neck sidebend)
  201. Stretch cerv sidebend w/pressure opposite side (Overhand side neck stretch)
  202. Stretch cerv sidebend w/pressure same side (Side neck stretch)
  203. Stretch cerv sidebends arm outstretched (Arm extend neck sidebend)
  204. Stretch cerv/thoracic/arm neural (Plexus stretch)
  205. Stretch Levator scapulae arm behind (Levator stretch)
  206. Stretch Levator scapulae arm down (Levator stretch secured)
  207. Stretch Levator scapulae arm up (Flamenco stretch)
  208. Stretch Rhomboids/Trapezius (Sitting Rhomboid stretch)
  209. Stretch Scalleni chin tuck (Scalleni side bend stretch)
  210. Stretch Scalleni diag (Up and back neck stretch)
  211. Stretch Scalleni/SCM (Diagonal Scalleni/SCM stretch)
  212. Stretch SCM supine (Layback neck stretch)
  213. Stretch Sternocleidomastoid (SCM stretch)
  214. Stretch thoracic dural (Tspine dural stretch)
  215. Stretch Trapezius upper (Upper Trap stretch)
  216. Stretch upper cerv ext (Sitting upper neck back bend)
  217. Stretch upper cerv flx (Sitting upper neck forward stretch)
  218. Stretch upper cerv retract (chin tuck w/nod) w/towel (Chin tuck nod on towel)
  219. Stretch upper cerv rot sit (chin tuck w/rotn) (Chin tuck neck rotation)
  220. Stretch upper cerv rot supine(chin tuck w/rotn) (Face up chin tuck rotation)
  221. Sun Salutation (part 2) (Sun salutation (part 2))
  222. Sun Salutation (part 3) (Sun salutation (part 3))
  223. Sun Salutation Beginner (part 1) (Sun salutation beginner (part 1))
  224. Sun Salutation Beginner (part 2) (Sun salutation beginner (part 2))
  225. Supine to sidelying assist (Supine to sidelying assist)
  226. Supine to sit (Supine to sit)
  227. Swan Dive (Swan dive)
  228. The Hundred Adv (The hundred adv)
  229. The Hundred Beg (The hundred beg)
  230. The Hundred Inter (The hundred inter)
  231. Torso Twist Genie (Torso twist genie)
  232. Triangle Extended (Triangle extended)
  233. Triangle Revolved (Triangle revolved)
  234. Twist Down and Up (Twist down and up)
  235. Upward Dog (Upward dog)
  236. Var iso cerv ext w/elastic (Variable isometric neck backbend)
  237. Var iso cerv flex w/elastic (Variable isometric forward neck bend)
  238. Var Iso cerv sidebend w/elastic (Variable isometric neck sidebend)
  239. Warrior 1 (Warrior 1)
  240. Warrior 2 (Warrior 2)
  241. Warrior Reversed (Warrior reversed)
  242. Warrior Reversed Angle (Warrior reversed angle)
  243. Wheel (Wheel)
  244. Yoga Mudra Kneel (Yoga mudra kneel)
  245. Yoga Mudra Stand (Yoga mudra stand)
  246. Yoga Mudra Warrior (Yoga mudra warrior)