Exercise List


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Geriatrics Exercises:

  1. AAROM elbow flx w/cane (Cane assist Biceps curl)
  2. AAROM hip hike uni stand w/elastic (Elastic assist hip hike)
  3. AAROM hip/knee flx (heel slides) w/person (Caregiver heel slides)
  4. AAROM shld ER bil supine w/cane abd (Cane assist overhead twist)
  5. AAROM shld ER bil supine w/cane neutral (Cane assist arm out)
  6. AAROM shld IR w/cane (Cane assist behind back lift)
  7. AROM alt arms supine hooklying (Hooklying alternating front raises)
  8. AROM ankle DF bil stand (Toe raise)
  9. AROM ankle DF/PF (not elevated) (Ankle pump)
  10. AROM ankle PF bil stand (Double heel raise)
  11. AROM cerv neutral stability quadruped w/ball (Quadruped neck stabilization w/ball)
  12. AROM cerv retract (chin tuck) supine (Supine chin tuck)
  13. AROM cerv rot supine (Supine neck turn)
  14. AROM cerv sidebending supine (Supine neck sidebend)
  15. AROM elbow ext stand (triceps kickbacks) (Standing Triceps kickback)
  16. AROM elbow flx/ext (Biceps curl)
  17. AROM elbow flx/ext (arms abd) in Pool (Pool scarecrow)
  18. AROM Face cheek elev (Cheek squeeze)
  19. AROM Face forehead elev (Eyebrow raise)
  20. AROM Face grimace (Grimace)
  21. AROM Face mouth/lip compression (Purse lip)
  22. AROM Face neck depression (Platysma) (Platysma drill)
  23. AROM finger walk (finger walk)
  24. AROM gait backwards (Backward walking)
  25. AROM gait crossovers (Crossovers)
  26. AROM gait sideways (Sideways walking)
  27. AROM gait toe to toe walk (Heel toe walk)
  28. AROM gait walking (Walking)
  29. AROM hand cane balance (Cane balance)
  30. AROM hip abd bil supine (Leg angels)
  31. AROM hip abd uni sidelying w/person (eccentrics) (Leg raise eccentrics)
  32. AROM hip abd uni stand (Side leg kickout)
  33. AROM hip abd uni supine (Supine side leg)
  34. AROM hip ER sit (Sitting leg in)
  35. AROM hip ER/IR supine bil (Supine double hip rotations)
  36. AROM hip ext prone knee bent (Bent knee kickback)
  37. AROM hip ext prone straight leg (Prone leg raise)
  38. AROM hip ext stand knee straight (Straight leg mule kick)
  39. AROM hip flx (sitting SLR) (Sitting SLR)
  40. AROM hip flx (SLR) supine knee bent (Straight leg raise)
  41. AROM hip flx alt on Ball (Ball marching)
  42. AROM hip flx alt sit (Seated march)
  43. AROM hip flx sit (Seated knee lift)
  44. AROM hip flx stand bent knee (Chair march)
  45. AROM hip hike supine (Supine hip hike)
  46. AROM hip hike uni stand (Hip hike)
  47. AROM hip marching (Seated marching)
  48. AROM hip marching on Ball (Marching on ball)
  49. AROM hip marching w/ alt arms (Seated leg/arm marching)
  50. AROM hip marching w/alt arms on Ball (Marching arm salute on ball)
  51. AROM hip/knee flx (heel slides) (Heel slides)
  52. AROM hip/knee stance uni (clock reach) (Clock reach)
  53. AROM knee ext (LAQ) sit (Long arc)
  54. AROM knee ext (SAQ) sit (Short arc)
  55. AROM knee flx prone (Prone ham curl)
  56. AROM knee flx sit to stand (Sit to stand)
  57. AROM knee marching (Standing high step)
  58. AROM knee partial lunge (Short lunge)
  59. AROM knee wall slide bil partial (Partial wall slide)
  60. AROM kneel, half kneel, stand (Kneel to half kneel to stand)
  61. AROM lumbar alt leg/arm (bird dog) (Bird dog)
  62. AROM lumbar bridging bil (Bridging)
  63. AROM lumbar bridging uni (Single leg bridge)
  64. AROM lumbar ext prone (elbow press ups) (Prone elbow press up)
  65. AROM lumbar ext prone low level (Prone back extend)
  66. AROM lumbar ext quadruped (cat) (Cat)
  67. AROM lumbar ext standing (Standing back extension)
  68. AROM lumbar flx bil knee to chest (Double knee to chest (DKC))
  69. AROM lumbar flx bil knee to chest hooklying (Single knee to chest hooklying)
  70. AROM lumbar flx quadruped (camel) (Kneeling camel)
  71. AROM lumbar flx uni knee to chest (Single knee to chest (SKC))
  72. AROM lumbar lying prone arms up (Prone prop up on pillow)
  73. AROM lumbar rotn sit (Sitting trunk twist)
  74. AROM lumbar rotn supine (Supine knee side to side)
  75. AROM lumbar side to side sit on Ball (Sitting side tilt on ball)
  76. AROM lumbar sidebend pushup (Sidebend push up)
  77. AROM lumbar tilt (pelvic clock) w/ball (Pelvic clock on ball)
  78. AROM shld abd (finger walking) at wall (Shoulder finger side walk up)
  79. AROM shld abd/add (cradle rock) (Cradle rock)
  80. AROM shld abd/add overhead w/cane (Overhead cane side to side)
  81. AROM shld circles (choo-choo) (Choo choo)
  82. AROM shld circles bil bent elbow (Bent elbow shoulder circles)
  83. AROM shld circles supine w/cane (Cane circles)
  84. AROM shld circum bil (Arm circles)
  85. AROM shld elev/retract bil (shld rolls) (Shoulder rollbacks)
  86. AROM shld flx (finger walking) at wall (Forward arm wall walk)
  87. AROM shld flx bil sit (Seated double arm raise)
  88. AROM shld flx bil w/cane (Cane double front arm raise)
  89. AROM shld flx bil w/cane (shld press) (Cane overhead press)
  90. AROM shld flx/rotn w/cane (Multi shoulder cane lift)
  91. AROM shld horiz abd/add stand w/cane (Front cane side reach)
  92. AROM shld horiz abd/add supine w/cane (Cane dance)
  93. AROM shld horiz add/abd bil bent 90 (Peek a boo)
  94. AROM shld horiz add/abd bil bent elbow (Clipped bird wing)
  95. AROM shld IR w/cane (Behind back cane lift)
  96. AROM shld ladder (Shoulder ladder)
  97. AROM shld overhead press bil (Double overhead press)
  98. AROM shld pendulum (Shoulder pendulum)
  99. AROM shld press 3 point supine (3 point cane lifts)
  100. AROM shld press up bil w/cane (Cane press up)
  101. AROM shld retract bil sit arms neutral (Sitting shoulder blade pinch)
  102. AROM shld retract bil stand hands at neck (Open fly stretch)
  103. AROM shld retract/thoracic ext - Sun Salute (Sun salute)
  104. AROM shld retraction w/cane (Cane backward lift)
  105. AROM shld touches (Shoulder touches)
  106. AROM shld/wrist rotn bil stand w/cane (Cane shoulder twist)
  107. AROM shld/wrist rotn bil supine w/cane (Cane twister)
  108. AROM thoracic (upper) ext sit (Sitting Upper back cat)
  109. AROM thoracic breathing overhead arms supine (Overhead arm breath)
  110. AROM thoracic diaphragm breathing (Reclined diaphragm breathing)
  111. AROM thoracic ext stand (Standing chest liftoff)
  112. AROM thoracic ext supine (Mid back arch)
  113. AROM thoracic mid chest expansion (Mid chest breathing)
  114. AROM thoracic rotn diag (Seated trunk diagonal)
  115. AROM thoracic rotn w/cane (Sitting trunk twist with dowel)
  116. AROM thoracic sidebend (Sitting side bend)
  117. AROM thoracic upper chest expansion (Upper chest breathing)
  118. AROM thumb CMC circum (Thumb circles)
  119. AROM thumb/finger opposition (Thumb to finger touch)
  120. AROM toe intrinsics (Toe intrinsics)
  121. AROM trunk flx supine w/ball (Static abdominal crunch w/ball)
  122. AROM vestib standing balance (dynamic) (Feet together standing balance)
  123. AROM vestib standing balance w/stride (Standing stride balance)
  124. AROM wrist circles (Wrist circles)
  125. AROM wrist sup/pron (Wrist twist)
  126. Grav- shld protract/retract (Seated shoulder punch)
  127. Grav- wrist flx/ext (Wrist side to side)
  128. Iso ankle DF (Isometric supine foot lift)
  129. Iso cerv flx (Isometric forward neck push)
  130. Iso cerv rotn (Isometric neck twist push)
  131. Iso cerv sidebend (Isometric side neck push)
  132. Iso hip abd sit w/belt (Isometric hip out)
  133. Iso hip add sit w/pillow (Seated leg squeeze)
  134. Iso hip gluteal sets (Prone glut set)
  135. Iso hip gluteal sets supine (Supine glut sets)
  136. Mob thoracic ext (Wall angel)
  137. Mob thoracic sidebend/rot/ext sit (Sitting thoracic extend and twist)
  138. PROM ankle circum w/person (Caregiver ankle circles)
  139. PROM ankle inv/ever w/person (Caregiver passive ankle side to side)
  140. PROM hip IR/ER w/flexed leg w/person (Caregiver flexed hip rotations)
  141. PROM hip IR/ER w/straight leg w/person (Caregiver hip rotations)
  142. PROM hip/knee flx (heel slides) w/person (Caregiver passive heel slides)
  143. PROM shld abd w/person (Caregiver passive side arm lift)
  144. PROM shld add w/person (Caregiver passive arm across)
  145. PROM shld ext w/person (Caregiver passive arm pull back)
  146. PROM shld flx w/person (Caregiver passive arm lift)
  147. PROM shld horiz add w/person (Caregiver passive arm crossover)
  148. PROM shld IR/ER w/person (Caregiver arm rotation)
  149. Resist abdom reverse curl supine w/ball (Exercise ball reverse curl in supine)
  150. Resist ankle DF w/elastic (Elastic ankle pull up)
  151. Resist ankle ever bil w/elastic (Elastic double ankle pull out)
  152. Resist ankle inv w/elastic (Elastic ankle pull in)
  153. Resist ankle PF uni w/ elastic (Tubing gas pedal)
  154. Resist Diaphragmatic breathing w/wt. (Weighted abdominal lift)
  155. Resist elbow ext/shld press uni sit w/ball (Shoulder press down with ball)
  156. Resist finger flx grip w/putty (Putty finger squeeze)
  157. Resist finger flx intrinsics w/putty (Putty fingertip squeeze)
  158. Resist finger intrinsics w/putty (Putty taffy pull)
  159. Resist hand gross opposition w/putty (Putty finger grab)
  160. Resist hand key pinch w/putty (Putty key pinch)
  161. Resist hand three jaw chuck pinch w/putty (Putty three jaw chuck)
  162. Resist hip flx (sitting SLR) w/wt (Weight seated SLR)
  163. Resist hip flx sit w/elastic (Elastic march)
  164. Resist hip/knee flx (heel slides) supine w/elastic (Elastic supine heel slide)
  165. Resist knee bike upright (Upright bike)
  166. Resist knee press w/elastic (Elastic seated leg press)
  167. Resist knee w/Recumbent Stepper (Recumbent stepper)
  168. Resist lumbar ext sit w/elastic (Elastic sitting lean back)
  169. Resist lumbar ext stand w/elastic (Elastic back pull back)
  170. Resist lumbar flx sit w/elastic (Elastic sitting crunch)
  171. Resist lumbar rotn supine w/elastic (Supine elastic back twist)
  172. Resist lumbar sidebend w/elastic (Elastic trunk sidebend)
  173. Resist lumbar sidebend w/wt (DB trunk sidebend)
  174. Resist shld diag D1 ext w/elastic (Elastic shoulder diagonal down and out)
  175. Resist shld diag D1 flx w/elastic (Elastic shoulder inward crossover)
  176. Resist shld diag D2 ext w/elastic (Elastic shoulder diagonal down and in)
  177. Resist shld diag D2 flx w/elastic (Elastic diagonal up and out)
  178. Resist shld elev/retract bil w/elastic (shld rolls) (Elastic shoulder shrugs)
  179. Resist shld ER bil w/elastic (Tubing double outward arm)
  180. Resist shld flx bil w/elastic (Elastic double front arm raise)
  181. Resist shld horiz abd bil w/elastic (Elastic reverse flies)
  182. Resist shld overhead press bil w/wt (DB double overhead press)
  183. Resist stance heel/toe w/crosspull w/elastic (Heel toe elastic pull)
  184. Resist stance uni w/crosspull w/elastic (One leg balance with elastic)
  185. Stretch finger flexors (Finger table stretch)
  186. Stretch Gastroc sit w/person (Caregiver calf stretch)
  187. Stretch Gastroc sit w/towel (Sitting Gastroc towel stretch)
  188. Stretch Gastroc uni standing (Runner stretch)
  189. Stretch hamstring sit w/person (Caregiver hamstring stretch)
  190. Stretch hamstrings supine active (Kick up hamstring stretch)
  191. Stretch hamstrings supine w/towel (Towel hamstring stretch)
  192. Stretch hip adductor stand w/chair (Inside leg chair stretch)
  193. Stretch Hip flexors leg abd supine (Off table hip stretch)
  194. Stretch knee ext uni sit w/stool (Seated knee hang)
  195. Stretch lumbar rotn supine w/person (Caregiver trunk twist)
  196. Stretch Pectoral standing bil at door (Pectoral door stretch)
  197. Stretch Pectoral standing uni (Side Pectoral stretch)
  198. Stretch Quads sit (Sitting Quad stretch)
  199. Stretch Quads standing (Standing Quad stretch)
  200. Stretch Rhomboids/Trapezius (Sitting Rhomboid stretch)
  201. Stretch shld blade pinch supine (Anterior chest stretch)
  202. Stretch shld flx at wall (Arm up shoulder wall stretch)
  203. Stretch thoracic rotn sit (Seated Pretzel modified)
  204. Stretch thoracic rotn sit w/assist (Pretzel table stretch)
  205. Stretch thoracic sidebend sit (Sitting teapot stretch)