Exercise List

Stretch Module

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Stretch Module Exercises:

  1. Iso elbow flx neutral (Isometric Biceps)
  2. Stretch ankle DF/PF sit w/person (Passive ankle up and down)
  3. Stretch ankle ever sit w/towel (Sitting ankle down stretch)
  4. Stretch ankle inv sit w/towel (Sitting upward ankle stretch)
  5. Stretch ankle PF sitting (Sitting ankle back stretch)
  6. Stretch cerv ext sit (Sitting neck backbend stretch)
  7. Stretch cerv ext sit w/over pressure (Backward neck stretch)
  8. Stretch cerv ext supine (Supported neck back bend)
  9. Stretch cerv ext w/chintuck (Sitting chin tuck extend stretch)
  10. Stretch cerv ext w/Pectoral (Butterfly Pec stretch)
  11. Stretch cerv flx (Forward neck stretch)
  12. Stretch cerv flx prone arms at side (Prone neck forward bend)
  13. Stretch cerv flx prone arms up (Prone forward neck bend 2)
  14. Stretch cerv flx prone on elbow (Elbow forward neck stretch)
  15. Stretch cerv retract (chin tuck) supine (Pillow chin tuck)
  16. Stretch cerv rotn (Turning neck stretch)
  17. Stretch cerv rotn stand w/arm abd (Arm up neck twist)
  18. Stretch cerv sidebend arm stable (Table neck sidebend)
  19. Stretch cerv sidebend supine (Backlying neck sidebend)
  20. Stretch cerv sidebend w/pressure opposite side (Overhand side neck stretch)
  21. Stretch cerv sidebend w/pressure same side (Side neck stretch)
  22. Stretch cerv sidebends arm outstretched (Arm extend neck sidebend)
  23. Stretch cerv/thoracic/arm neural (Plexus stretch)
  24. Stretch elbow ext palm down (Elbow static extend stretch)
  25. Stretch elbow ext palm down w/wt (DB static elbow extend stretch)
  26. Stretch elbow ext palm up (Supine elbow stretch)
  27. Stretch elbow ext palm up w/wt (DB elbow extend palm up stretch)
  28. Stretch Gastroc sit w/towel (Sitting Gastroc towel stretch)
  29. Stretch Gastroc uni standing (Runner stretch)
  30. Stretch Gastroc w/person (Caregiver Gastroc stretch)
  31. Stretch Gastroc/Soleus bil standing (Double Gastroc step stretch)
  32. Stretch great toe flexor w/elastic (Elastic toe stretch back)
  33. Stretch groin sit (Butterfly stretch)
  34. Stretch groin supine active (Diamond hip stretch)
  35. Stretch groin supine static (Supine butterfly stretch)
  36. Stretch hamstring bil (stand 90) (Bent 90 ham stretch)
  37. Stretch hamstring bil longsitting (Longsit ham stretch)
  38. Stretch hamstring bil longsitting w/towel (Double sitting ham stretch)
  39. Stretch hamstring half kneel (Half kneel ham stretch)
  40. Stretch hamstring sit active (Sitting hamstring stretch)
  41. Stretch hamstring supine w/person (Partner ham stretch)
  42. Stretch hamstring supine wall (Hamstring wall stretch)
  43. Stretch hamstring uni longsit w/towel roll (Longsit towel ham stretch)
  44. Stretch hamstring uni longsitting (Longsit hamstring stretch)
  45. Stretch hamstring uni stand (Standing hamstring stretch)
  46. Stretch hamstring/adductor supine wall (Wall hamstring/inner thigh stretch)
  47. Stretch hamstrings supine active (Kick up hamstring stretch)
  48. Stretch hamstrings supine w/towel (Towel hamstring stretch)
  49. Stretch hamstrings uni standing w/bent knee (Leg up ham stretch)
  50. Stretch hip adductor stand w/chair (Inside leg chair stretch)
  51. Stretch hip adductors longsit (Karate stretch)
  52. Stretch hip adductors stand (Leg split stretch)
  53. Stretch hip ER supine w/elastic (Elastic inside hip stretch)
  54. Stretch hip flexors supine 1 (Thomas stretch)
  55. Stretch hip flexors supine 2 (Thomas stretch 2)
  56. Stretch hip flexors supine w/elastic (Elastic Thomas stretch)
  57. Stretch hip IR prone w/person (Caregiver hip roll out)
  58. Stretch hip/knee figure 4 (Figure 4 stretch)
  59. Stretch hip/knee figure 4 modified (Figure 4 modified stretch)
  60. Stretch Iliocostalis kneeling (Kneeling side stretch)
  61. Stretch Iliocostalis sit (Sitting side stretch)
  62. Stretch Iliocostalis stand (Standing side bend)
  63. Stretch Intercostals sidelying (Pillow side stretch)
  64. Stretch IT band sidelying (Sidelying ITB stretch)
  65. Stretch IT band supine hip add (Supine crossed leg ITB stretch)
  66. Stretch IT band supine hip rotn (Crossed leg ITB stretch)
  67. Stretch IT Band supine w/towel (ITB towel stretch)
  68. Stretch IT Band w/roll (ITB roll stretch)
  69. Stretch IT/TFL stand at wall (TFL wall stretch)
  70. Stretch IT/TFL stand bent knee on chair (Standing bent knee ITB stretch)
  71. Stretch IT/TFL stand straight knee (Standing ITB stretch)
  72. Stretch knee ext prone (Prone hang stretch)
  73. Stretch knee ext prone w/self (Prone knee assist stretch)
  74. Stretch knee ext prone w/wt (Weighted prone hang stretch)
  75. Stretch knee ext sit w/wt (Weighted knee extend stretch)
  76. Stretch knee ext supine (Knee extend stretch)
  77. Stretch knee ext uni sit w/stool (Seated knee hang)
  78. Stretch knee flx (quads) w/knee table (Knee flexion stretch w/machine)
  79. Stretch knee flx kneeling (Kneeling Quad sitback stretch)
  80. Stretch knee flx longsit (Sitting knee bend)
  81. Stretch knee flx prone (Prone self Quad stretch)
  82. Stretch knee flx sit w/towel (Sitting towel Quad stretch)
  83. Stretch knee flx sitting (Sitting chair knee bend)
  84. Stretch knee flx supine at wall w/self (Self Quad wall stretch)
  85. Stretch Latissimus supine (Supine Lat stretch)
  86. Stretch Lattisimus/Obliques kneeling (Kneeling Lat stretch)
  87. Stretch Lattisimus/Obliques stand (Sidebend stretch)
  88. Stretch Levator scapulae arm behind (Levator stretch)
  89. Stretch Levator scapulae arm down (Levator stretch secured)
  90. Stretch Levator scapulae arm up (Flamenco stretch)
  91. Stretch lumbar dural (Dural back stretch)
  92. Stretch lumbar ext prone (sphinx) (Sphinx)
  93. Stretch lumbar ext prone on elbows (Back extend stretch)
  94. Stretch lumbar flx sit (Sitting back stretch)
  95. Stretch lumbar flx stand (Forward trunk bend stretch)
  96. Stretch lumbar flx/rotn sit (Sitting forward trunk twist stretch)
  97. Stretch lumbar prone lying arms at side (Prone over pillow positioning)
  98. Stretch lumbar rotn stand w/bent knee (Bent leg trunk twister)
  99. Stretch lumbar rotn supine w/person (Caregiver trunk twist)
  100. Stretch lumbar supine bil legs up (Double leg up back stretch)
  101. Stretch lumbar supine leg up (Leg up back rest)
  102. Stretch lumbar/thoracic flx (sitting cat) (Sitting cat)
  103. Stretch lumbar/thoracic rotn sit (Pretzel) (Seated pretzel stretch)
  104. Stretch Pectoral standing at corner (Corner Pec stretch)
  105. Stretch Pectoral standing at wall (Wall Pec stretch)
  106. Stretch Pectoral standing bil at door (Pectoral door stretch)
  107. Stretch Pectoral standing uni (Side Pectoral stretch)
  108. Stretch Pectoral standing w/shld ER (Door Pec stretch)
  109. Stretch Pectoral standing w/shld flx (Doorway Pec stretch)
  110. Stretch Pectoral supine static arms at side (Static Pectoral stretch)
  111. Stretch Pectoral supine static w/arm abd (Eagle Pec stretch)
  112. Stretch Pectoral supine w/ abd arms (Supine stopsign Pec stretch)
  113. Stretch Pectoralis minor w/person (Caregiver Pec minor stretch)
  114. Stretch Piriformis 4 point kneel (4 point Piriformis)
  115. Stretch Piriformis longsit (Longsitting Piriformis stretch)
  116. Stretch Piriformis sit (Sitting Piriformis stretch)
  117. Stretch Piriformis supine crossed leg (Crossed leg Piriformis stretch)
  118. Stretch Piriformis supine w/hip ER (Hook Piriformis stretch)
  119. Stretch Piriformis supine w/hip flx (Knee to chest Piriformis stretch)
  120. Stretch Piriformis supine w/person (Caregiver Piriformis stretch)
  121. Stretch Quad lumborum kneeling (Bent side stretch)
  122. Stretch Quadratus lumborum (Side sit stretch)
  123. Stretch Quadratus lumborum side sit (Sitting side trunk stretch)
  124. Stretch Quadratus lumborum supine (Figure 4 layout)
  125. Stretch Quads half kneeling (Half kneel Quad stretch)
  126. Stretch Quads prone self (Prone quad stretch)
  127. Stretch Quads prone w/elastic (Tubing prone quad stretch)
  128. Stretch Quads prone w/towel (Prone Quad towel stretch)
  129. Stretch Quads sidelying self (Sidelying Quad stretch)
  130. Stretch Quads sit (Sitting Quad stretch)
  131. Stretch Quads stand/squat (Squat Quad stretch)
  132. Stretch Quads standing (Standing Quad stretch)
  133. Stretch Quads supine (Supine Quad stretch)
  134. Stretch Rhomboids (Rhomboid stretch)
  135. Stretch Rhomboids stand at door (Door upper back stretch)
  136. Stretch Rhomboids, wrist flexors bil (front) (Front Rhomboid stretch)
  137. Stretch Rhomboids/Trapezius (Sitting Rhomboid stretch)
  138. Stretch Scalleni chin tuck (Scalleni side bend stretch)
  139. Stretch Scalleni diag (Up and back neck stretch)
  140. Stretch Scalleni/SCM (Diagonal Scalleni/SCM stretch)
  141. Stretch SCM supine (Layback neck stretch)
  142. Stretch Serratus anterior (Serratus stretch)
  143. Stretch shld abd sit (Side shoulder table stretch)
  144. Stretch shld blade pinch supine (Anterior chest stretch)
  145. Stretch shld capsule inferior (Inferior shoulder capsule stretch)
  146. Stretch shld capsule posterior w/arm (Posterior shoulder capsule stretch)
  147. Stretch shld capsule posterior w/knee (Shoulder joint stretch)
  148. Stretch shld ER sit (Shoulder rotation table stretch)
  149. Stretch shld ER stand at doorway (Doorway single arm outside stretch)
  150. Stretch shld ER supine (Outward arm Pec stretch)
  151. Stretch shld ER uni w/Rotator (Cane shoulder twistback)
  152. Stretch shld ER w/elastic supine static (Elastic supine upward shoulder stretch)
  153. Stretch shld ER w/wt supine static (Weighted shoulder overhead rotation stretch)
  154. Stretch shld ext (Shoulder backward table stretch)
  155. Stretch shld ext bil (Shoulder hyperextend stretch)
  156. Stretch shld flx at wall (Arm up shoulder wall stretch)
  157. Stretch shld flx supine (Clasped shoulder stretch)
  158. Stretch shld flx uni sit slide (Forward shoulder table stretch)
  159. Stretch shld flx uni sit trunk bending (Sitting forward shoulder stretch)
  160. Stretch shld IR self (Shoulder behind back stretch)
  161. Stretch shld IR static (Prone shoulder behind back stretch)
  162. Stretch shld IR w/towel (Behind back shoulder stretch)
  163. Stretch shld/Pec supine w/roll (Foam roll Pec stretch)
  164. Stretch Soleus stand (Soleus stretch)
  165. Stretch Sternocleidomastoid (SCM stretch)
  166. Stretch TFL half kneel (TFL kneel stretch)
  167. Stretch thoracic dural (Tspine dural stretch)
  168. Stretch thoracic rotn sidelying (Trunk rotation stretch)
  169. Stretch thoracic rotn sit (Seated Pretzel modified)
  170. Stretch thoracic sidebend sidelying (Sidelying upper back stretch)
  171. Stretch thoracic sidebend sit (Sitting teapot stretch)
  172. Stretch thoracic sidebend w/person (Table trunk side bend)
  173. Stretch Trapezius middle (Sun salute Trap stretch)
  174. Stretch Trapezius upper (Upper Trap stretch)
  175. Stretch Triceps (Triceps stretch)
  176. Stretch trunk rotn sit (Sitting trunk twist stretch)
  177. Stretch trunk rotn supine (Trunk twister)
  178. Stretch trunk sidebend supine w/roll (Trunk side stretch on foam roll)
  179. Stretch upper cerv ext (Sitting upper neck back bend)
  180. Stretch upper cerv flx (Sitting upper neck forward stretch)
  181. Stretch upper cerv retract (chin tuck w/nod) w/towel (Chin tuck nod on towel)
  182. Stretch upper cerv rot sit (chin tuck w/rotn) (Chin tuck neck rotation)
  183. Stretch upper cerv rot supine(chin tuck w/rotn) (Face up chin tuck rotation)
  184. Stretch wrist extensors at wall (Wall wrist stretch)
  185. Stretch wrist extensors bent elbow (Bent arm downward wrist stretch)
  186. Stretch wrist extensors bil (reverse prayer) (Reverse prayer stretch)
  187. Stretch wrist extensors straight arm (Forward wrist stretch)
  188. Stretch wrist flex w/shld IR at wall (Wall curl down)
  189. Stretch wrist flexors bil (overhead) (Overhead wrist stretch)
  190. Stretch wrist flexors bil (prayer) (Prayer stretch)
  191. Stretch wrist flexors on floor (Floor wrist stretch)
  192. Stretch wrist flexors straight arm pron (Straight arm wrist pull back stretch)