Exercise List


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Thoracic Exercises:

  1. AAROM breathing hooklying (Hooklying breathing)
  2. AAROM cough quadpleg prone (Quad cough)
  3. AAROM Diaphragmatic breathing w/towel. (Assisted diaphragm breathing)
  4. AAROM parapleg cough longsitting (Longsit para cough)
  5. AAROM parapleg cough sitting (Sitting para cough)
  6. AAROM quadpleg cough longsitting (Longsit quad cough)
  7. AAROM segmental breathing w/towel/quick stretch. (Assisted segmental breathing)
  8. AAROM shld Lat pushdown (dip bar) (Dips assisted)
  9. AAROM shld lat pushdown bent knee (dip bar) (Bent knee assisted dips)
  10. AAROM shld pull-up machine (Assisted pull up)
  11. AAROM trunk stability gait side to side (Trunk stability training)
  12. Angel Arms (Angel arms)
  13. Arch prevention (Arch prevention)
  14. AROM abdom flx/rotn push up w/TRX (Oblique TRX Atomic push up)
  15. AROM AK/BK back ext (AK/BK prone back arch)
  16. AROM AK/BK sit trunk rotn balance (AK/BK trunk twist)
  17. AROM AK/BK sit weight shift/balance (AK/BK seated weight shift)
  18. AROM backstroke swim (Backstroke)
  19. AROM breaststroke swim (Breaststroke)
  20. AROM cat-camel (Cat Camel)
  21. AROM cerv ext prone arms down w/chin tuck (Chin tuck extension)
  22. AROM cerv ext prone arms neutral w/chin tuck (Prone neck lift)
  23. AROM elbow ext sit w/TRX (Sitting TRX Lat Triceps dip)
  24. AROM floating prone in Pool (Face down floating)
  25. AROM freestyle swim (Freestyle)
  26. AROM gait walking (Walking)
  27. AROM Glosssopharyngeal breathing (Glosssopharyngeal breathing)
  28. AROM hip/knee flx (fwd bent lunge) (Forward bent lunge)
  29. AROM hip/knee swimming w/kickboard in Pool (Kickboard swim)
  30. AROM Lat pushdown in WC (WC Lat pushdown)
  31. AROM Lat pushdown w/Wheelchair (WC floor Lat pushdown)
  32. AROM lumbar ext kneel w/ball (Ball kneel and extend)
  33. AROM lumbar ext quadruped rocking (4 point rocker)
  34. AROM lumbar ext sit to supine walkout w/ball (Ball walkout)
  35. AROM lumbar ext tall kneel (Kneeling back bend)
  36. AROM lumbar flx (crunches) straight legs high level (Straight leg sit up)
  37. AROM lumbar flx/ext quadruped (Cat-Camel combo) (Cat camel combo)
  38. AROM lumbar flx/rot side sitting (Seated sidebend forward bend)
  39. AROM lumbar flx/shld add w/ball (Ball crunch with flys)
  40. AROM lumbar rotn activity (Lumbar rotn activity)
  41. AROM lumbar rotn high level in Pool (Pool arm out trunk twist)
  42. AROM lumbar rotn low level in Pool (Pool standing trunk twist)
  43. AROM lumbar rotn sidelying knee bent uni (Hook trunk twist)
  44. AROM lumbar rotn sidelying knees bent bil (Sidelying trunk layback)
  45. AROM lumbar sidebend in Pool (Body pendulum)
  46. AROM lumbar sidebend kneel w/ball (Kneeling sidebend w/ball)
  47. AROM lumbar sidebend sidelying (Side liftup)
  48. AROM lumbar/cerv posture sitting (Correct sitting posture chin tuck)
  49. AROM prone head/neck control (Prone head/neck control)
  50. AROM shld abd bil at wall (Wall angels)
  51. AROM shld abd bil sit on Ball (Side arm raises on ball)
  52. AROM shld abd/add (cradle rock) (Cradle rock)
  53. AROM shld abd/add (jump jack) (Arm angels)
  54. AROM shld bent row (Bent row)
  55. AROM shld breaststroke (Standing breaststroke)
  56. AROM shld chest fly bil w/TG (Chest fly on TG)
  57. AROM shld chest fly uni w/TG (Single chest fly on TG)
  58. AROM shld chest press bil static w/TG (Static chest press on TG)
  59. AROM shld chest press bil w/TG (Chest press on TG)
  60. AROM shld chest press extended w/TRX (Extend leg TRX chest press)
  61. AROM shld chest press narrow w/TRX (Narrow TRX chest press)
  62. AROM shld chest press offset w/TRX (Chest press offset with TRX)
  63. AROM shld chest press uni w/TG (Single arm chest w/TG)
  64. AROM shld chest press wide w/TRX (Wide stance TRX press)
  65. AROM shld depress bil (seated pushup) (Chair pushup)
  66. AROM shld depress uni (Single scap pull down)
  67. AROM shld elev bil (shld shrugs) (Shoulder shrugs)
  68. AROM shld elev/retract bil (shld rolls) (Shoulder rollbacks)
  69. AROM shld ext bil prone w/TG (Swimmer on TG)
  70. AROM shld ext bil sit (rows) palm down w/TG (Singe arm palm down row on TG)
  71. AROM shld ext bil sit (rows) palms down w/TG (Seated palm down rows on TG)
  72. AROM shld ext bil sit (rows) palms in w/TG (Seated neutral rows on TG)
  73. AROM shld ext bil static supine (Lat pullover) w/TG (Static Lat pullover on TG)
  74. AROM shld ext bil supine (Lat pullover) w/TG (Lat pull over on TG)
  75. AROM shld ext static prone w/TG (Static Swimmer)
  76. AROM shld ext static sit (rows) palms down w/TG (Static seated rows palms down on TG)
  77. AROM shld ext static sit (rows) palms in w/TG (Static neutral rows on TG)
  78. AROM shld ext uni prone w/TG (Single arm swimmer)
  79. AROM shld ext uni sit (rows) palms in w/TG (Single seated neutral row)
  80. AROM shld ext uni supine (Lat pullover) w/TG (Single larm Lat pullover on TG)
  81. AROM shld ext/bil knee ext uni w/TG (Cardio pull down single leg on TG)
  82. AROM shld ext/knee ext bil w/TG (Cardio Pulldown double leg on TG)
  83. AROM shld ext/knee ext uni w/TG (Cardio pull single arm/single leg)
  84. AROM shld flx bil at wall (bent elbows) (Arm hook raise)
  85. AROM shld flx bil at wall (straight arms) (Wall touch back)
  86. AROM shld flx bil prone thumb down (Lower Trap raise)
  87. AROM shld flx bil prone thumb up (Lower trap raise 2)
  88. AROM shld flx bil sit static w/TG (Static shoulder raises on TG)
  89. AROM shld flx bil sit w/TG (Seated shoulder raises on TG)
  90. AROM shld flx uni sit w/TG (Single arm raise on TG)
  91. AROM shld fly bil narrow w/TRX (Shoulder TRX narrow fly)
  92. AROM shld fly bil neutral narrow w/TRX (Neutral TRX narrow fly)
  93. AROM shld horiz abd alt prone (Prone alternating side arm lifts)
  94. AROM shld horiz abd bil prone (palm down) (Middle Trap raise)
  95. AROM shld horiz abd bil prone (palm up) (Middle Trap raise 2)
  96. AROM shld horiz abd offset w/TRX (Deltoid TRX offset T fly)
  97. AROM shld horiz abd prone at 120 palm down (Prone arm palm down 120)
  98. AROM shld horiz abd prone at 120 thumb up (Prone side arm 120 lift)
  99. AROM shld horiz abd sidelying high level (Sidelying side arm raise)
  100. AROM shld horiz abd toe touch w/TRX (Deltoid modified offset TRX T Fly)
  101. AROM shld horiz abd w/abd prone palm down (Prone arm fly and lift)
  102. AROM shld horiz abd w/abd prone thumb up (Prone arm side lift and raise)
  103. AROM shld horiz abd wide stance w/TRX (Deltoid TRX wide T Fly)
  104. AROM shld horiz abd/add in Pool (Pool flys)
  105. AROM shld horiz abd/add stand (Arm crossover)
  106. AROM shld horiz abd/flx narrow w/TRX (Deltoid TRX narrow TY Fly)
  107. AROM shld horiz add supine bridge w/ball (Ball bridge chest press)
  108. AROM shld horiz add/abd bil bent 90 (Peek a boo)
  109. AROM shld Lat press ups (Pool press ups)
  110. AROM shld Lat pull down bil w/TG (Lat pull downs on TG)
  111. AROM shld Lat pushdowns (dip bar) (Dips)
  112. AROM shld protrac/retrac frontal plane w/Balance Board (Rocker Board closed chain shoulder protract/retract)
  113. AROM shld protract bil (wall pushes) stand (Wall pushes)
  114. AROM shld protract uni supine (Supine ceiling punch)
  115. AROM shld pull up bil palms down w/TG (Pull up palms down on TG)
  116. AROM shld pull up bil supine w/TG (Face down pull up on TG)
  117. AROM shld pull up palms in bil w/TG (Pull up palms facing on TG)
  118. AROM shld pull up uni supine w/TG (Face down single pull up on TG)
  119. AROM shld push up arm lift (Push up arm lift)
  120. AROM shld push up floor w/ball (Push up ball bridge)
  121. AROM shld push up kneel w/BOSU (Bosu kneeling push up)
  122. AROM shld push up kneeling tilt w/BOSU (Bosu kneeling tilt push up)
  123. AROM shld push up offset w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball offset push-up)
  124. AROM shld push up tilt w/BOSU (Bosu tilt push up)
  125. AROM shld push up w/BOSU (Bosu push up)
  126. AROM shld push up w/TG (Incline push up on TG)
  127. AROM shld push up/press up (Press up push up)
  128. AROM shld push-up full kneel (Knee push up)
  129. AROM shld push-up sagittal w/Balance Board (Rocker Board sagittal push-up)
  130. AROM shld push-up w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball push-up)
  131. AROM shld push-up w/Stability Trainer (Stability trainer push-ups)
  132. AROM shld push-ups (Push up)
  133. AROM shld push-ups at wall (Wall push up)
  134. AROM shld push-ups in pool (Pool push up)
  135. AROM shld push-ups kneeling (Beginner knee push up)
  136. AROM shld retract bil (Pregnancy rows)
  137. AROM shld retract bil kneel w/TG (Kneeling rows on TG)
  138. AROM shld retract bil mid offset w/TRX (Middle offset TRX row)
  139. AROM shld retract bil mid w/TRX (Mid TRX row)
  140. AROM shld retract bil neutral low narrow w/TRX (Low neutral TRX narrow row)
  141. AROM shld retract bil neutral low offset w/TRX (Double TRX neutral low row offset feet)
  142. AROM shld retract bil neutral low w/TRX (Low TRX neutral row)
  143. AROM shld retract bil neutral mid offset w/TRX (Middle TRX row neutral offset feet)
  144. AROM shld retract bil neutral mid w/TRX (Middle TRX neutral row)
  145. AROM shld retract bil prone (neutral) (Prone mid Trap pull back)
  146. AROM shld retract bil prone (w/ER) (Prone mid Trap extend 2)
  147. AROM shld retract bil sit (Row)
  148. AROM shld retract bil sit arms neutral (Sitting shoulder blade pinch)
  149. AROM shld retract bil stand arms at side (Double scap wing in)
  150. AROM shld retract bil stand arms overhead (Overhead scap wing in)
  151. AROM shld retract bil stand hands at neck (Open fly stretch)
  152. AROM shld retract bil stand w/arm abd (Double scap wing in 3)
  153. AROM shld retract bil stand w/elbows bent (Double scap wing in 2)
  154. AROM shld retract elbows bent (Shoulder chicken wing)
  155. AROM shld retract prone bil (Prone row)
  156. AROM shld retract prone uni (Single prone row)
  157. AROM shld retract static kneel w/TG (Kneeling static rows on TG)
  158. AROM shld retract uni kneel w/TG (Kneeling one arm row on TG)
  159. AROM shld retract uni mid narrow w/TRX (Single narrow TRX middle row)
  160. AROM shld retract uni mid offset w/TRX (Single high TRX row offset)
  161. AROM shld retract uni mid w/TRX (Single middle TRX row)
  162. AROM shld retract uni neutral low narrow w/TRX (Single narrow stance single TRX low row)
  163. AROM shld retract uni neutral low offset w/TRX (Single low TRX neutral row offset)
  164. AROM shld retract uni neutral low w/TRX (Single neutral low TRX row)
  165. AROM shld retract uni neutral mid narrow w/TRX (Single TRX narrow mid neutral row)
  166. AROM shld retract uni neutral mid offset w/TRX (Single neutral middle TRX row offset)
  167. AROM shld retract uni neutral mid w/TRX (Single mid TRX neutral row)
  168. AROM shld retract/depress kneel (Kneeling shoulder blade squeeze)
  169. AROM shld retract/thoracic ext - Sun Salute (Sun salute)
  170. AROM shld reverse fly cable cross sit w/TG (Reverse fly cable cross on TG)
  171. AROM shld reverse fly sit w/TG (Reverse fly on TG)
  172. AROM shld row kneel w/BOSU® (Kneeling row on BOSU®)
  173. AROM shld scap stab w/ball (Push up static ball bridge)
  174. AROM shld stepovers w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball stepover)
  175. AROM shld triceps dip supine (Triceps dip)
  176. AROM sidestroke swim (Sidestroke)
  177. AROM spider walk (Spider walk)
  178. AROM thoracic (upper) ext sit (Sitting Upper back cat)
  179. AROM thoracic breathing overhead arms supine (Overhead arm breath)
  180. AROM thoracic diaphragm breathing (Reclined diaphragm breathing)
  181. AROM thoracic ext sit (Sitting trunk extension)
  182. AROM thoracic ext stand (Standing chest liftoff)
  183. AROM thoracic ext supine (Mid back arch)
  184. AROM thoracic ext/flx 4 point kneel bent elbow (Four point upper back mobilization)
  185. AROM thoracic lower chest expansion (Lower chest breathing)
  186. AROM thoracic lower rib expansion (Lower rib expanding)
  187. AROM thoracic mid chest expansion (Mid chest breathing)
  188. AROM thoracic rotn 4 point kneel (Kneeling trunk twister)
  189. AROM thoracic rotn diag (Seated trunk diagonal)
  190. AROM thoracic rotn quadruped (Hidden arm twist)
  191. AROM thoracic rotn quadruped w/straight arm (Saluting trunk twist)
  192. AROM thoracic rotn w/cane (Sitting trunk twist with dowel)
  193. AROM thoracic sidebend (Sitting side bend)
  194. AROM thoracic sidebend (high level) w/person (Side bend up)
  195. AROM thoracic sidebend (low level) w/person (Trunk side bend up (easy))
  196. AROM thoracic upper chest expansion (Upper chest breathing)
  197. AROM thoracic/lumbar rotn diag on Ball (Trunk diagonals on ball)
  198. AROM trunk ext w/bench (Back hyperextend)
  199. AROM trunk flx alt supine w/ball (Static diagonal crunch w/ball)
  200. AROM trunk flx supine w/ball (Static abdominal crunch w/ball)
  201. AROM trunk rotn kneel w/ball (Kneel and twist with ball)
  202. AROM trunk rotn supine w/ball (Trunk twist on ball)
  203. AROM trunk side lean in WC adv (WC trunk side lean advanced)
  204. AROM trunk side lean in WC beg (WC trunk side lean beginner)
  205. AROM trunk side lean in WC intermediate (WC side leaning intermediate)
  206. AROM vestib head trunk moving sit w/object (Reach down and lift)
  207. Balance/weight shift prone (Balance/weight shift prone)
  208. Behind Back Hand Clasp (Behind back hand clasp)
  209. Boomerang Part 2 (Boomerang part 2)
  210. Bound Heron - Advanced (Bound heron - advanced)
  211. Bound Heron - Beginner (Bound heron - beginner)
  212. Bound Warrior (Bound warrior)
  213. Bow (Bow)
  214. Breathing Tall Stand Basic (Breathing tall stand basic)
  215. Breathing Tall Stand Gull (Breathing tall stand gull)
  216. Breathing Tall Stand Windmill (Breathing tall stand windmill)
  217. Bridging Articulating (Bridging articulating)
  218. Bug (Bug)
  219. Camel (Camel)
  220. Carry face to face (Carry face to face)
  221. Carry outward facing (Carry outward facing)
  222. Carry prone (Carry prone)
  223. Carry side hip (Carry side hip)
  224. Carry supine (Carry supine)
  225. Cat-Cow (Cat-cow)
  226. Chest Expand (Chest expand)
  227. Child (Child)
  228. Cobra (Cobra)
  229. Crawl active (Crawl active)
  230. Crawl assist (Crawl assist)
  231. Creep active (Creep active)
  232. Creep assist (Creep assist)
  233. Cruising assist (Cruising assist)
  234. Dancer (Dancer)
  235. Double Leg Kick (Double leg kick)
  236. Double Leg Stretch Adv (Double leg stretch adv)
  237. Double Leg Stretch Inter (Double leg stretch inter)
  238. Dressing splint wear schedule (Splint schedule)
  239. Fish (Fish)
  240. Fixed Firm (Fixed firm)
  241. Flight (Flight)
  242. Forward Bend Hand under Foot (Forward bend hand under foot)
  243. Forward Bend Seated (Forward bend seated)
  244. Full Boat (Full boat)
  245. Full Locust (Full locust)
  246. Gate (Gate)
  247. Grav- shld protract/retract (Seated shoulder punch)
  248. Half Bow (Half bow)
  249. Half Circle (Half circle)
  250. Half kneel assist (Half kneel assist)
  251. Half kneel assist w/activity (Half kneel assist w/activity)
  252. Half Moon Twist (Half moon twist)
  253. Half Tortoise (Half tortoise)
  254. Head Bridge (Head bridge)
  255. Head Float (Head float)
  256. Head to Knee (Head to knee)
  257. Inhibition cradling (Inhibition cradling)
  258. Inhibition deep pressure trunk (Inhibition deep pressure trunk)
  259. Iso shld horiz add bil (Arm push in)
  260. Iso shld horiz add uni (Shoulder push in)
  261. Jackknife (Jackknife)
  262. Kneel assist (Kneel assist)
  263. Kneel to half kneel assist w/support (Kneel to half kneel assist w/support)
  264. Kneeling assist activity (Kneeling assist activity)
  265. Kneeling assist w/support (Kneeling assist w/support)
  266. Locust (Locust)
  267. Long Bow (Long bow)
  268. Lower Lift Adv (Lower lift adv)
  269. Massage Traps w/Tiger Tail (Tiger Tail upper back massage)
  270. Massage Upper Trap w/Tiger Tail (Tiger Tail Upper Trap massage)
  271. Mermaid (Mermaid)
  272. Mob thoracic ext (Wall angel)
  273. Mob thoracic ext sit (Sitting thoracic mobilization)
  274. Mob thoracic ext supine w/foam roll (Mid back stretch on roll)
  275. Mob thoracic first rib w/towel (first rib mobilizer)
  276. Mob thoracic ribs (Rib push)
  277. Mob thoracic rotn (Upper back mobilization)
  278. Mob thoracic rotn quadruped w/foam roll (Kneeling thoracic rotation w/roller)
  279. Mob thoracic rotn w/elastic (Elastic trunk helicopter)
  280. Mob thoracic sidebend/rot/ext sit (Sitting thoracic extend and twist)
  281. Mob thoracic upper chest/Pec sitting (Upper chest mobilization)
  282. Mob thoracic upper chest/Pec supine (Supine chest expansion)
  283. Mob thoracic upper chest/shldrs (Seated bend and extend)
  284. Neck Pull Adv (Neck pull adv)
  285. Neck Pull Inter (Neck pull inter)
  286. Peacock (Peacock)
  287. Pigeon King (Pigeon king)
  288. Plank (Plank)
  289. Plough (Plough)
  290. Positioning prone w/wedge (Positioning prone w/wedge)
  291. Positioning sidelying (Positioning sidelying)
  292. Positioning sit w/adaptive chair (Positioning sit w/adaptive chair)
  293. Positioning sit w/chair (Positioning sit w/chair)
  294. Positioning sit w/child seat (Positioning sit w/child seat)
  295. Positioning sit w/straight leg seat (Positioning sit w/straight leg seat)
  296. Positioning sit w/wheelchair (Positioning sit w/wheelchair)
  297. Pre-Crawl positioning (Pre-Crawl positioning)
  298. PROM shld horiz add self (Self front arm crossover)
  299. Prone to 4 point kneel (Prone to 4 point kneel)
  300. Quadruped to stand assist (Quadruped to stand assist)
  301. Rabbit (Rabbit)
  302. Resist chest press palm in w/wt. (DB chest press palm in)
  303. Resist Clean and Jerk lift w/Barbell (part 1) (Barbell clean and J\jerk (part 1))
  304. Resist Clean and Jerk lift w/Barbell (part 2) (Barbell clean and jerk (part 2))
  305. Resist Diaphragmatic breathing w/wt. (Weighted abdominal lift)
  306. Resist elbow ext/shld press uni sit w/ball (Shoulder press down with ball)
  307. Resist elbow flx/ext kneel w/Bodyblade (Bodyblade kneeling forward push/pull)
  308. Resist elbow flx/ext w/Bodyblade (Bodyblade forward push/pull)
  309. Resist knee Deadlift conventional w/Barbell (Barbell deadlift conventional stance)
  310. Resist knee Deadlift Sumo Stance w/Barbell (Barbell deadlift sumo stance)
  311. Resist knee forward diagonal lunge reach w/Medicine Ball (Ball forward diagonal reach)
  312. Resist knee forward lunge reach w/Medicine Ball (Ball forward lunge reach)
  313. Resist knee jump overhead throw catch w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball jump/rebound)
  314. Resist knee lunge twist w/Medicine Ball (Ball forward lunge twist)
  315. Resist knee lunge/walk throw and catch w/Medicine Ball (Ball forward step throw and catch)
  316. Resist knee reverse diagonal lunge reach w/Medicine Ball (Ball diagonal step back reach)
  317. Resist knee reverse lunge reach w/Medicine Ball (Ball reverse lunge reach)
  318. Resist knee reverse lunge/walk throw and catch w/Medicine Ball (Ball reverse walk throw and catch)
  319. Resist knee side lunge reach w/Medicine Ball (Ball side lunge reach)
  320. Resist knee squat throw w/Medicine Ball (Squat back throw)
  321. Resist knee squat/trunk rotn w/wt. (DB golf powerfollow through drill)
  322. Resist leg lift chest press supine w/Medicine Ball (Ball leg lift/chest press)
  323. Resist leg lift chest throw supine w/Medicine Ball (Ball leg lift/chest throw)
  324. Resist lumbar eccentrics 1-2-3 w/wt (DB back eccentric 1-2-3)
  325. Resist lumbar ext prone w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball trunk raise)
  326. Resist lumbar ext stand w/elastic (Elastic back pull back)
  327. Resist lumbar flx/shld add w/ball w/wt. (Ball crunch with DB fly)
  328. Resist lumbar oblique crosspull on Ball (Diagonal back pull on ball)
  329. Resist lumbar rotn prone w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball trunk lift twist)
  330. Resist lumbar rotn stand w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball grab and twist)
  331. Resist partner full twist pass stand w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball full twist pass)
  332. Resist partner half twist pass kneel w/Medicine Ball (Kneeling twist pass)
  333. Resist partner half twist pass sit w/Medicine Ball (Sitting twist pass)
  334. Resist partner half twist pass stand w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball twist pass)
  335. Resist partner side rotation throw w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball partner side throw/catch)
  336. Resist shld 45 retract/rotate w/elastic (Elastic rotating row)
  337. Resist shld abd/add forward squat w/Bodyblade (Bodyblade forward ab/thigh)
  338. Resist shld abd/add kneel w/Bodyblade (Bodyblade half kneel forward side to side)
  339. Resist shld add plyo w/ball (Rapid ball plyo side to side)
  340. Resist shld alphabet supine w/Medicine Ball (Ball alphabet on back)
  341. Resist shld alphabet supine w/wt (DB arm alphabet)
  342. Resist shld alphabet w/Medicine Ball (Ball alphabet)
  343. Resist shld bench press w/barbell (Barbell bench press)
  344. Resist shld bent over row w/barbell (Barbell bent row)
  345. Resist shld bent row w/elastic (Elastic bent row)
  346. Resist shld bent row w/pulley (Pulley bent row)
  347. Resist shld chest press (horiz) w/mach (Machine Chest Press)
  348. Resist shld chest press (vert) palm fwd w/mach (Machine vertical chest press)
  349. Resist shld chest press (vert) palm in w/mach (Chest press machine neutral)
  350. Resist shld chest press palm down w/wt. (DB chest fly palm down)
  351. Resist shld chest throw kneel w/Medicine Ball (Kneeling throw and catch)
  352. Resist shld chest throw sidestep w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball side step throw)
  353. Resist shld chest throw stand w/Medicine Ball (Chest throw)
  354. Resist shld chest throw supine w/Medicine Ball (Supine chest throw)
  355. Resist shld chest throw tall kneel w/Medicine Ball (Half kneel chest throw)
  356. Resist shld chest throw tall kneel/push up w/Medicine Ball (Chest throw/push-up drill)
  357. Resist shld chest throw w/lunge w/Medicine Ball (Chest lunge throw)
  358. Resist shld circum sidelying w/Medicine Ball (Sidelying ball overhead circles)
  359. Resist shld circumduction bil w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball arm circles)
  360. Resist shld clock throw w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball clock throw)
  361. Resist shld decline press w/barbell (Barbell decline press)
  362. Resist shld depress bil (seated push up) w/elastic (Seated push ups w/elastic)
  363. Resist shld diag ankle/shld bil w/Medicine Ball (Ball ankle half chop)
  364. Resist shld diag bil single leg w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball one leg V chop)
  365. Resist shld diag D1 ext on Ball w/elastic (D1 shoulder diagonal on ball)
  366. Resist shld diag D1 flx on Ball w/elastic (Elastic diagonal pull up on ball)
  367. Resist shld diag D1 flx w/elastic (Elastic shoulder inward crossover)
  368. Resist shld diag D1 flx w/wt (DB shoulder inward crossover)
  369. Resist shld diag D1 supine w/Medicine Ball (Shoulder ball downward diagonal)
  370. Resist shld diag D2 ext on Ball w/elastic (D2 shoulder diagonal on ball)
  371. Resist shld diag D2 flx on Ball w/elastic (D2 upward diagonal on ball)
  372. Resist shld diag D2 supine w/Medicine Ball (Ball shoulder diagonals)
  373. Resist shld diag hip/shld bil w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball diagonal)
  374. Resist shld diag knee/shld bil w/Medicine Ball (Ball knee half chop)
  375. Resist shld diag lift bil w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball V chop)
  376. Resist shld elev/retract bil w/elastic (shld rolls) (Elastic shoulder shrugs)
  377. Resist shld elev/retract bil w/wt (shld rolls) (DB shoulder rollbacks)
  378. Resist shld ER catch sit w/Medicine Ball (Sitting inward ball throw)
  379. Resist shld ER supine w/wt (DB shoulder rotation supine)
  380. Resist shld ER/IR catch/throw sit w/Medicine Ball (Sitting inward catch and throw)
  381. Resist shld ext alt w/TG (alt straight arm Lat pull) (Incline slide alternating Lat pullbacks)
  382. Resist shld ext bil sit w/elastic (Sitting straight arm Lat pull down)
  383. Resist shld ext w/TG (straight arm Lat pull) (Incline slide Lat pullbacks)
  384. Resist shld ext/elbow flx prone w/BOSU® w/wt. (BOSU® DB row)
  385. Resist shld ext/lumbar ext w/elastic (Elastic rower)
  386. Resist shld ext/retract bil stand w/elastic (Elastic upward rows foot on step)
  387. Resist shld flx bil supine w/foam roll w/wt. (Foam roll DB chest press)
  388. Resist shld flx/ext w/TG (Incline slide down press)
  389. Resist shld fly (high) on Ball w/elastic (Elastic high fly on ball)
  390. Resist shld fly (low) on Ball w/elastic (Elastic low fly on ball)
  391. Resist shld fly straight arm palm down (Pec Fly straight arm, palms down)
  392. Resist shld flys w/wt (DB posterior deltoid fly)
  393. Resist shld front cross w/wt (DB front cross curl up)
  394. Resist shld fwd flys, straight arm, palm fwd (Straight arm chest fly palm forward)
  395. Resist shld horiz abd bil prone on Ball w/wt (DB prone rows on ball)
  396. Resist shld horiz abd bil prone palm up w/wt (DB middle Trap raise)
  397. Resist shld horiz abd bil prone thumb up w/wt (DB lower Trap raise)
  398. Resist shld horiz abd bil w/elastic (Elastic reverse flies)
  399. Resist shld horiz abd uni prone thumb down w/wt (DB single lower Trap raise)
  400. Resist shld horiz abd uni prone thumb up w/elastic (Prone side arm raise w/elastic)
  401. Resist shld horiz abd uni prone thumb up w/wt (DB single lower Trap raise 2)
  402. Resist shld horiz abd uni w/elastic (Elastic shoulder pull out cross)
  403. Resist shld horiz abd w/TG (Incline slide outward arm pull over)
  404. Resist shld horiz abd/add w/Bodyblade (Bodyblade forward side to side)
  405. Resist shld horiz add bil bent arms w/elastic (Elastic dynamic hug)
  406. Resist shld horiz add bil stand w/wt (DB Deltoid press)
  407. Resist shld horiz add bil supine bent arm w/foam roll w/wt. (Foam roll DB flys)
  408. Resist shld horiz add bil supine on ball w/wt. (DB Flys on ball)
  409. Resist shld horiz add bil supine straight arm w/foam roll w/wt. (Foam roll straight arm DB flys)
  410. Resist shld horiz add bil supine w/wt (DB Pectoral cross)
  411. Resist shld horiz add bil w/elastic (Elastic chest flies)
  412. Resist shld horiz add on Ball w/elastic (Elastic arm in cross on ball)
  413. Resist shld horiz add on Ball w/pulley (Pulley in cross on ball)
  414. Resist shld horiz add supine w/ball w/wt. (Ball bridge DB chest press)
  415. Resist shld horiz add uni w/elastic (Elastic shoulder pull across)
  416. Resist shld horiz add w/TG (Incline slide arm inward pull across)
  417. Resist shld incline press w/barbell (Barbell incline press)
  418. Resist shld IR partial w/elastic (Golf inward elastic rotation)
  419. Resist shld IR partner throw half kneel w/Medicine Ball (Half kneel inward partner throw)
  420. Resist shld IR partner throw kneel w/Medicine Ball (Kneeling inward partner throw)
  421. Resist shld IR partner throw stance w/Medicine Ball (Lunge inward partner throw)
  422. Resist shld IR partner throw w/Medicine Ball (Standing inward partner throw)
  423. Resist shld IR throw kneel w/arm abd w/Medicine Ball (Kneeling inward wall throw)
  424. Resist shld IR throw stand w/arm abd w/Medicine Ball (Standing inward wall throw)
  425. Resist shld IR throw w/Medicine Ball (Ball inside wall throw)
  426. Resist shld IR w/TG (Incline slide inward arm pull)
  427. Resist shld IR/abd w/elastic (Side push down tubing)
  428. Resist shld lat pull back w/elastic (Elastic Lat pull back)
  429. Resist shld Lat pull close grip palm fwd (Lat pull close grip, palm forward)
  430. Resist shld Lat pulldown close grip in WC w/pulley (WC close grip Lat pulldowns)
  431. Resist shld Lat pulldown wide grip in WC w/pulley (WC wide grip Lat pulldowns)
  432. Resist shld Lat pulls behind head w/pulley (Pulley Lat pulldown behind)
  433. Resist shld Lat pulls close grip w/pulley (Close grip Lat pull downs)
  434. Resist shld Lat pulls in front (palms in) w/pulley (Pulley Lat pulldown front)
  435. Resist shld Lat pulls in front (palms out) w/pulley (Pulley Lat pulldown front 2)
  436. Resist shld Lat pulls on Ball w/elastic (Elastic Lat pull on ball)
  437. Resist shld Lat pulls w/elastic (Elastic Lat pull)
  438. Resist shld overhead press w/barbell (Barbell overhead press)
  439. Resist shld overhead throw kneel w/Medicine Ball (Kneeling overhead throw)
  440. Resist shld overhead throw tall kneel w/Medicine Ball (Half kneel overhead throw)
  441. Resist shld overhead throw tall kneel/push up w/Medicine Ball (Overhead throw/push-up drill)
  442. Resist shld overhead throw w/lunge/ Medicine Ball (Overhead lunge throw)
  443. Resist shld partner chest throw sidestep w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball partner side step throw)
  444. Resist shld partner overhead side throw supine w/Medicine Ball (Floor to partner side throw)
  445. Resist shld partner overhead throw supine w/Medicine Ball (Foot to foot partner overhead throw)
  446. Resist shld partner side throw sit w/Medicine Ball (Sitting partner side throw)
  447. Resist shld pec fly incline w/wt. (DB Incline Flys)
  448. Resist shld Pectoral press w/mach (Machine Pectoral press)
  449. Resist shld Post Deltoid w/mach (Machine Posterior Deltoid)
  450. Resist shld Post Deltoid2 w/mach (Post Delt rows)
  451. Resist shld press lunge w/elastic (Elastic lunge press)
  452. Resist shld presses bridging on Ball (DB shoulder press on ball)
  453. Resist shld protract bil bent elbow w/elastic (Serratus pushes w/elastic)
  454. Resist shld protract bil quadruped w/elastic (Kneeling Serratus pushes w/elastic)
  455. Resist shld protract bil stand w/elastic (Double elastic shoulder punch)
  456. Resist shld protract uni stand w/elastic (Elastic punches)
  457. Resist shld protract uni stand w/pulley (Pulley Serratus press)
  458. Resist shld protract uni supine w/wt (DB single Serratus lift)
  459. Resist shld pullover w/wt (DB pullover)
  460. Resist shld push up double w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball double push-up)
  461. Resist shld retract 45 stand w/elastic (Elastic upward 45 rows)
  462. Resist shld retract bil (seated rows) w/elastic (Elastic longsitting rows)
  463. Resist shld retract bil prone on Ball w/wt (DB rows on ball)
  464. Resist shld retract bil sit on Ball w/elastic (Elastic rows on ball)
  465. Resist shld retract bil stand w/elastic (Tubing rows)
  466. Resist shld retract bil w/elastic (Elastic shoulder blade squeeze)
  467. Resist shld retract sit arms down w/elastic (Elastic side arm rows)
  468. Resist shld retract uni prone w/wt (DB single prone row)
  469. Resist shld retract/ER bil w/elastic (Elastic shoulder blade squeezes)
  470. Resist shld retraction bil sit/chair w/elastic (Elastic chair rows)
  471. Resist shld retraction close elbows w/elastic (Close elbow rows)
  472. Resist shld reverse fly (high) on Ball w/elastic (Elastic reverse fly on ball)
  473. Resist shld reverse fly (low) on Ball w/elastic (Elastic reverse upper fly on ball)
  474. Resist shld row bil prone w/ball (Prone stability ball weighted row)
  475. Resist shld rowing w/mach (Machine rowing)
  476. Resist shld rows neutral hands w/mach (Row machine vert hands)
  477. Resist shld rows sit w/mach (Machine rows)
  478. Resist shld seated rows w/pulley (Pulley rows)
  479. Resist shld side throw w/trampolet w/Medicine Ball (Trampolet V chop)
  480. Resist shld sled push (Sled push)
  481. Resist shld triceps dip supine w/wt (Weighted Triceps dip)
  482. Resist shld trunk circle walk w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball circle walk)
  483. Resist shld/chest throw w/ball w/trampolet (Plyo ball chest throw and catch)
  484. Resist shld/elbow push down w/TG (Incline slide Triceps pushdown)
  485. Resist shld/pec press neutral (Pec Press neutral)
  486. Resist Snatch Lift w/Barbell (part 1) (Barbell snatch lift (part 1))
  487. Resist Snatch Lift w/Barbell (part2) (Barbell snatch lift (part 2))
  488. Resist swimming in Pool w/elastic (Tethered freestyle)
  489. Resist thoracic inspiration w/straw (Straw breathing)
  490. Resist thoracic rotn 4 point kneel w/wt (DB trunk twister)
  491. Resist trunk circle w/Medicine Ball (Ball agility trunk circles)
  492. Resist trunk rotn bkwd sidelying w/elastic (Elastic sidelying backward trunk twist)
  493. Resist trunk rotn bkwd sit w/elastic (Sitting elastic trunk back twist)
  494. Resist trunk rotn bkwd stand w/elastic (Standing upper back rear twist)
  495. Resist trunk rotn fwd sidelying w/elastic (Sidelying elastic upper trunk twist)
  496. Resist trunk rotn fwd sit w/elastic (Sitting elastic forward trunk twist)
  497. Resist trunk rotn fwd stand w/elastic (Standing upper back front twist)
  498. Resist trunk rotn pivot swing w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball pivot swing)
  499. Resist trunk rotn shld swing partial w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball partial swing)
  500. Resist trunk rotn stand w/elastic (80/20) (80/20 twist)
  501. Resist trunk rotn/shld swing w/Medicine Ball (Medicine ball golf swing)
  502. Resist trunk side lean in WC adv w/wt. (WC DB side lean advanced)
  503. Resist trunk side lean in WC beg w/wt. (WC DB trunk side lean beginner)
  504. Resist trunk sidebend w/barbell (Barbell sidebend)
  505. Resist wrist sup w/bar (Bar bend down)
  506. Reverse Namaste (Reverse namaste)
  507. Reverse Plank (Reverse plank)
  508. Revolved Head to Knee (Revolved head to knee)
  509. Revolved Lateral Angle (Revolved lateral angle)
  510. Ribcage Arms (Ribcage arms)
  511. Rocking (Rocking)
  512. Roll Over (Roll over)
  513. Roll Up Down Adv (Roll up down adv)
  514. Rolling (Rolling)
  515. Rolling head/shoulders supine to side (Rolling head/shoulders supine to side)
  516. Rolling head/shoulders supine to side assist (Rolling head/shoulders supine to side assist)
  517. Rolling supine to prone (Rolling supine to prone)
  518. Rolling supine to prone assist (Rolling supine to prone assist)
  519. Rolling Wall (Rolling wall)
  520. Rotating Arms (Rotating arms)
  521. Rowing (Rowing)
  522. Sage (Sage)
  523. Saw (Saw)
  524. Scissors Adv (Scissors adv)
  525. Sensory proprioception activity (Sensory proprioception activity)
  526. Sensory proprioception sit w/adult (Sensory proprioception sit w/adult)
  527. Sensory proprioception sit w/ball (Sensory proprioception sit w/ball)
  528. Sensory tactile input (Sensory tactile input)
  529. Sensory tactile input (auto) (Sensory tactile input (auto))
  530. Sensory vestibular input (Sensory vestibular input)
  531. Sensory vestibular rocking (Sensory vestibular rocking)
  532. Sensory vestibular spinning (Sensory vestibular spinning)
  533. Side Angle (Side angle)
  534. Side Plank - Advanced (Side plank - advanced)
  535. Side Plank - Beginner (Side plank - beginner)
  536. Side Twist Seated (Side twist seated)
  537. Sidelying to longsitting (Sidelying to longsitting)
  538. Sit longsitting (Sit longsitting)
  539. Sit sidesitting (Sit sidesitting)
  540. Sit to four point kneel (Sit to four point kneel)
  541. Sitting assist activity (Sitting assist activity)
  542. Spinal Stretch Beg (Spinal stretch beg)
  543. Spinal Stretch Inter (Spinal stretch inter)
  544. Spinal Twist Seated (Spinal twist seated)
  545. Staff (Staff)
  546. Standing assist (Standing assist)
  547. Standing assist activity (Standing assist activity)
  548. Standing assist w/support (Standing assist w/support)
  549. Standing Backbend (Standing backbend)
  550. Standing Head to Single Leg (Standing head to single leg)
  551. Straight Leg Toe Lock (Straight leg toe lock)
  552. Stretch cerv ext w/Pectoral (Butterfly Pec stretch)
  553. Stretch cerv flx prone arms at side (Prone neck forward bend)
  554. Stretch cerv flx prone arms up (Prone forward neck bend 2)
  555. Stretch cerv flx prone on elbow (Elbow forward neck stretch)
  556. Stretch cerv/thoracic/arm neural (Plexus stretch)
  557. Stretch Iliocostalis kneeling (Kneeling side stretch)
  558. Stretch Iliocostalis sit (Sitting side stretch)
  559. Stretch Iliocostalis stand (Standing side bend)
  560. Stretch Intercostals sidelying (Pillow side stretch)
  561. Stretch Latissimus supine (Supine Lat stretch)
  562. Stretch Lattisimus/Obliques kneeling (Kneeling Lat stretch)
  563. Stretch Lattisimus/Obliques stand (Sidebend stretch)
  564. Stretch Levator scapulae arm behind (Levator stretch)
  565. Stretch lumbar flx sit (Sitting back stretch)
  566. Stretch lumbar flx stand (Forward trunk bend stretch)
  567. Stretch lumbar flx w/ball (Face down back stretch)
  568. Stretch lumbar flx/rotn sit (Sitting forward trunk twist stretch)
  569. Stretch lumbar rotn stand w/bent knee (Bent leg trunk twister)
  570. Stretch lumbar sidebend kneel w/ball (Side stretch on ball)
  571. Stretch lumbar sidebend sit w/ball (Ball sitting side stretch)
  572. Stretch lumbar/thoracic flx (sitting cat) (Sitting cat)
  573. Stretch lumbar/thoracic rotn sit (Pretzel) (Seated pretzel stretch)
  574. Stretch Pec/trunk w/TRX (Chest/trunk TRX stretch)
  575. Stretch Pectoral standing at corner (Corner Pec stretch)
  576. Stretch Pectoral standing at wall (Wall Pec stretch)
  577. Stretch Pectoral standing bil at door (Pectoral door stretch)
  578. Stretch Pectoral standing in Pool (Pool Pec stretch)
  579. Stretch Pectoral standing uni (Side Pectoral stretch)
  580. Stretch Pectoral standing w/shld ER (Door Pec stretch)
  581. Stretch Pectoral standing w/shld flx (Doorway Pec stretch)
  582. Stretch Pectoral supine static arms at side (Static Pectoral stretch)
  583. Stretch Pectoral supine static w/arm abd (Eagle Pec stretch)
  584. Stretch Pectoral supine w/ abd arms (Supine stopsign Pec stretch)
  585. Stretch Pectoralis minor w/person (Caregiver Pec minor stretch)
  586. Stretch Rhomboids (Rhomboid stretch)
  587. Stretch Rhomboids stand at door (Door upper back stretch)
  588. Stretch Rhomboids, wrist flexors bil (front) (Front Rhomboid stretch)
  589. Stretch Rhomboids/Trapezius (Sitting Rhomboid stretch)
  590. Stretch Serratus anterior (Serratus stretch)
  591. Stretch shld blade pinch supine (Anterior chest stretch)
  592. Stretch shld ER supine (Outward arm Pec stretch)
  593. Stretch shld ext bil (Shoulder hyperextend stretch)
  594. Stretch shld ext/retract bil (Backward shoulder/chest stretch)
  595. Stretch shld flx supine (Clasped shoulder stretch)
  596. Stretch shld flx/protract self (Self table slide)
  597. Stretch shld/Lats overhead w/ball (Overhead shoulder stretch with ball)
  598. Stretch shld/Pec supine w/roll (Foam roll Pec stretch)
  599. Stretch thoracic dural (Tspine dural stretch)
  600. Stretch thoracic rotn (Pool trunk twist)
  601. Stretch thoracic rotn sidelying (Trunk rotation stretch)
  602. Stretch thoracic rotn sit (Seated Pretzel modified)
  603. Stretch thoracic rotn sit w/assist (Pretzel table stretch)
  604. Stretch thoracic rotn sit w/ball (Sitting thoracic rotation stretch w/ball)
  605. Stretch thoracic sidebend sidelying (Sidelying upper back stretch)
  606. Stretch thoracic sidebend sit (Sitting teapot stretch)
  607. Stretch thoracic sidebend w/person (Table trunk side bend)
  608. Stretch thoracic/lumbar sidebend (Pool sidebend stretch)
  609. Stretch Trapezius middle (Sun salute Trap stretch)
  610. Stretch Trapezius upper (Upper Trap stretch)
  611. Stretch trunk rotn sit (Sitting trunk twist stretch)
  612. Stretch trunk rotn supine (Trunk twister)
  613. Stretch trunk sidebend supine w/roll (Trunk side stretch on foam roll)
  614. Sun Salutation (part 1) (Sun salutation (part 1))
  615. Sun Salutation (part 2) (Sun salutation (part 2))
  616. Sun Salutation (part 3) (Sun salutation (part 3))
  617. Sun Salutation Beginner (part 1) (Sun salutation beginner (part 1))
  618. Sun Salutation Beginner (part 3) (Sun salutation beginner (part 3))
  619. Supine to sidelying assist (Supine to sidelying assist)
  620. Supine to sit (Supine to sit)
  621. Swan (Swan)
  622. Swan Dive (Swan dive)
  623. Swan Prep (Swan prep)
  624. Swan Twist (Swan twist)
  625. Swimming (Swimming)
  626. Swimming Prep (Swimming prep)
  627. The Hundred Adv (The hundred adv)
  628. The Hundred Beg (The hundred beg)
  629. The Hundred Inter (The hundred inter)
  630. Tone control - trunk (Tone control - trunk)
  631. Tone control swaddling (Tone control swaddling)
  632. Tone increase - trunk (Tone increase - trunk)
  633. Torso Twist (Torso twist)
  634. Torso Twist Genie (Torso twist genie)
  635. Tree Hug (Tree hug)
  636. Triangle Extended (Triangle extended)
  637. Triangle Revolved (Triangle revolved)
  638. Twist Down (Twist down)
  639. Twist Down and Up (Twist down and up)
  640. Twist Down Prep (Twist down prep)
  641. Upward Dog (Upward dog)
  642. Warrior 1 (Warrior 1)
  643. Warrior Reversed (Warrior reversed)
  644. Warrior Reversed Angle (Warrior reversed angle)
  645. Wheel (Wheel)
  646. Yoga Bridge (Yoga bridge)
  647. Yoga Mudra Kneel (Yoga mudra kneel)
  648. Yoga Mudra Stand (Yoga mudra stand)
  649. Yoga Mudra Warrior (Yoga mudra warrior)