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5 Simple Physiologic Age Tests to Improve Your Personal Training

How can Physiologic Age Tests help my business?

(blog updated 9/25/20) When you provide physiologic age tests, client motivation and retention improves. Additionally, they assist your client with setting goals. And finally, the tests help you focus your training on specific areas.

So what are physiologic age tests?

Physiologic age tests determine a client’s age based on a better or worse fitness level for their age. The age is calculated by using normative values. More detailed information on fitness test normative values can be found from a variety of sources such as the ACSM guidelines.

For example, suppose a 25 year old male does 20 sit ups and this result is average for 25 year old males. So physiologically, he is 25. Now suppose he can only do 5 sit ups and this result is average for 35 year old males. This means he is physiologically 35 years old in terms of sit ups.

One test is not enough to determine a person’s overall level of fitness. To get an overall average result, five tests are used. Following are the five tests and how they can help you work with your clients.

physiologic age tests

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The five tests and what they measure:

Body fat percentage: overall body fitness

VO2 – cardio fitness level

Sitting box test – flexibility

Crunch test – trunk endurance

Push up – upper body endurance

crunch test
Crunch Test

The client performs each test and physiologic age is determined for each test. Then the average determines the physiologic age. You do not need any software do determine the results. But a good personal trainer software tool can automatically calculate the score and provide clear professional reports.

Client benefits of the physiologic age tests:

ONE. Client awareness – Many people do not realize how out of condition they are. Sure, they may know they are not in top shape, which is one reason they may be coming to you in the first place. Providing them with this report, they see how it applies to their level of health and fitness. In other words, it is not just a bunch of numbers.

physiologic age tests

TWO.  Motivation – Client motivation is improved as they try to lower their physiologic age score. They know which areas need improvement. It provides a clear measurable goal.

physiologic age tests

Personal trainer benefits of the physiologic age tests:

Trainer Guidance – Since it becomes very obvious where the client has issues, you can can formulate workouts designed to target those areas. For instance, suppose your client is in great shape in terms of cardiovascular fitness but is so inflexible they can’t touch their toes. In this case, you know to design a program with emphasis on stretching and range of motion.

With the knowledge you can provide your clients with custom tailored programs. And with that your clients gain extra confidence in you, knowing you are creating goal specific training.

Fitness test tracking

These five tests benefit you and your client:

In conclusion, remember, using the five basic physiologic age tests, you can enhance your training, motivate clients and direct them with specific goal oriented workouts. Happy successful clients are loyal clients who keep coming back and provide referrals.

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