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5 Simple Physiologic Age Tests to Improve Your Personal Training

How can Physiologic Age Tests help my business?
When you provide physiologic age tests, client motivation and retention improves. Additionally, they assist your client with setting goals. And finally, the tests help you focus your training on specific areas.
So what are physiologic age tests?
Physiologic age tests determine a client's age based on a better or worse fitness level for their age. The age is calculated by using normative values. More detailed information on fitness test normative values can be found from a variety of sources such as the ACSM guidelines.

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Improving DPT Student Exercise Prescription with Exercise Pro Live

Physical therapy academia is always seeking ways to improve DPT student exercise prescription skills. Typically the DPT student exercise prescription education begins with being shown a variety of exercises coupled with particular diagnoses or conditions for which those exercises may be appropriate. Evidence based studies may be provided to further demonstrate the exercise prescription is warranted. And there is nothing wrong with this approach.
However, from my experience working with physical therapy students during clinical internships,

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kyphosis of thoracic spine

Improving Posture is not Just Stretching

Poor posture is common among many people, but improving posture is possible. Often tips for improving posture will focus on stretching short muscles and endurance exercises for the upper back and neck. Those are definitely great concepts, but improving posture can take more than that. This article will show 3 mobilizing exercises for the underlying spinal area to allow common posture protocols to work even better.

The middle back, between the shoulder blades, is by nature stiff.

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4 Simple Shoulder Exercises for Less Shoulder Problems

The shoulder can be a common area of pain and problems for many people. Fortunately, doing the proper shoulder exercises can help decrease many problems and even eliminate shoulder pain. When most people think of shoulder exercises, they think of working on the “Delts”. There is nothing wrong with doing shoulder exercises for the deltoid muscle, but the shoulder has many other muscles that are seldom targeted that contribute to a healthy shoulder.
Following are four shoulder exercises that are rarely heard of,

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senior fitness

Senior Personal Training – More than weights and cardio

The term senior is designated for people 65 or older. Senior personal training is a rapidly growing area for trainers as every year the population of that age group continues to grow. As such it is crucial that a trainer knows the essentials of senior personal training. Understand that this age group requires more than just a strength and cardio program that may work just fine for a younger client base. Senior personal training should target not just strength and cardio,

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Bosu therapy

BOSU – Physical Therapy or Fitness – It Works

The BOSU is an inflated half ball on a rigid platform. By it very design this device can be used for either physical therapy or fitness programs. It is versatile and can be used alone or with other physical therapy or fitness related equipment. Exercises can be developed to span a range from low level rehabilitation to high level fitness training. Following are four examples of how the BOSU can be utilized in physical therapy or fitness.
BOSU balance training
One way to use the BOSU for physical therapy is for balance.

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exercise and arthritis

Can Exercise Help Treat Arthritis?

By Nick Jack, contributing author
Arthritis is a very common health problem I see as a rehabilitation trainer every week and one that affects millions of people all over the world. It can be extremely painful and significantly change your lifestyle and overall health. Most people think of this as an “old person’s” condition but it can affect many younger people and cause serious damage to their body. I myself was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my left knee at the age of only 26 after many repeated injuries from sports and a lack of understanding with regard to strength and stability training,

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wobble board

Featured exercise for November – Wobble Board Push Up

Exercise Pro Live lets you provide video exercise programs to you clients. It is easy to use and affordable. Sign up for a free no obligation 2 week trial.
This exercise of the week is called the Wobble board push up. It is a great variation for core conditioning as well as an excellent exercise for upper quarter strengthening.
This video demonstrates just one simple but effective core exercise that personal trainers can integrate into their program development to keep clients interested in their fitness programs.

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Home exercise software – crucial for all physical therapists!

Physical Therapists have many duties and providing home exercise programs to patients is only one of them. Sometimes it is easy for other important duties like evaluations, staff meetings, billing, and attending to documentation needs to neglect giving exercise programs the respect they deserve. After all a home exercise program can directly affect patient attitude, care, and outcome. But the good news is that using a robust home exercise software program can avoid that problem and even help solve some others.

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functional exercise

Featured Functional Exercise – Opposite Ankle Reach

Functional athletic exercises are crucial for training clients for returning to sports activity. One leg stance and knee bends combined with trunk rotation are excellent movement patterns to improve balance, coordination and reintegrating neurological feedback patterns. Combining these elements is not only crucial for post rehabilitation programs but necessary for specificity of training with athletes. This video demonstrates just one simple but effective functional exercise that trainers can integrate into their program development.
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