BioEx Systems Support

System Requirements and Licensing

Information on licensing, system requirements and the latest patches and updates. 

Exercise Pro desktop support is only available if your annual support fee is paid and current*. Contact us at is or at 800-750-2756, ext 3.

*Implementation of annual support was Jan 1, 2020. Notices were sent out on June 1, of 2019, Dec 1, 2019 and Jan 1, 2020 by mail or email as well as reported here. Support fee provides support assistance, technical updates/patches, and feature/future upgrades.


Total PT Fitness online, Exercise Pro Live online and Nutrition Maker online: Licensing is subscription, annual or monthly. No refunds or rebate on early cancelations. See each product website for specific licensing terms. 

System Requirements

Total PT Fitness Online, Exercise Pro Live and Nutrition Maker online will all work with any current web browser.

Discontinued Products

All versions and variations of Nutrition Maker Desktop and all versions and variations of Total PT Fitness Desktop have been discontinued. We no longer offer support, upgrades or add on meal plans or add on exercise modules for these products.

We advise if you had one of these discontinued products to consider our online options. If you were a previous customer using these indicated programs, contact us about discounts for the online options.

HIPAA Compliance

All of our software is HIPAA compliant. Use this link to download the BioEx HIPAA compliance statement.

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