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super foods

3 Superfood tips for healthier meal plans

Superfood is a catch all term for foods high in antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins. Superfood groups are touted to have many beneficial properties and contribute to a person’s general health. While there are many claims to the benefits of superfood, from reducing risk of disease or improving emotional wellness, the scientific studies are not conclusive. But common sense does seem to dictate that adding a superfood just makes sense. Healthy foods make healthy meal plans. So with that in mind,

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Nutrition Assessment in 3 easy steps

Determining a proper nutrition assessment can be a daunting task whether you are a nutritionist, dietitian or personal trainer. What percentage of carbohydrates, fat and protein do they eat? How can you tell if a client is lacking in certain nutrients and vitamins just by looking at them? Are they getting enough selenium, potassium or vitamin B? Are they getting too much sodium or cholesterol? And even if the client is lacking in selenium, what foods do they need to eat to make up for it?

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Fitness testing software

Personal trainer nutrition assessment made easy

Personal trainers are mainly known for performing fitness assessments, establishing wellness goals, creating fitness programs and working with their clients to educate and motivate for a healthy and fit lifestyle. Advanced training and certifications in nutrition have opened up the potential for the personal trainer to expand their services by offering nutrition assessment and counseling.
To offer nutrition assessment consults, it is first necessary to examine the client’s current lifestyle, both in terms of exercise and eating habits to determine a proper baseline.

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