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Improving DPT Student Exercise Prescription with Exercise Pro Live

Physical therapy academia is always seeking ways to improve DPT student exercise prescription skills. Typically the DPT student exercise prescription education begins with being shown a variety of exercises coupled with particular diagnoses or conditions for which those exercises may be appropriate. Evidence based studies may be provided to further demonstrate the exercise prescription is warranted. And there is nothing wrong with this approach.
However, from my experience working with physical therapy students during clinical internships,

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Bosu therapy

BOSU – Physical Therapy or Fitness – It Works

The BOSU is an inflated half ball on a rigid platform. By it very design this device can be used for either physical therapy or fitness programs. It is versatile and can be used alone or with other physical therapy or fitness related equipment. Exercises can be developed to span a range from low level rehabilitation to high level fitness training. Following are four examples of how the BOSU can be utilized in physical therapy or fitness.
BOSU balance training
One way to use the BOSU for physical therapy is for balance.

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home exercise software

Home exercise software – crucial for all physical therapists!

Physical Therapists have many duties and providing home exercise programs to patients is only one of them. Sometimes it is easy for other important duties like evaluations, staff meetings, billing, and attending to documentation needs to neglect giving exercise programs the respect they deserve. After all a home exercise program can directly affect patient attitude, care, and outcome. But the good news is that using a robust home exercise software program can avoid that problem and even help solve some others.

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improve posture

Poor posture improvement with 4 easy exercises

This article will discuss poor posture of the upper back and neck and provide some suggestions for exercises to correct the problem. Poor posture in the upper quadrant can lead to various problems and symptoms such as pain in the neck, shoulder and upper back muscles, joint dysfunction, arthritis, headaches, and fatigue. Poor posture can result in forward round shoulders, stooped upper back and excessive head forward positioning. Typically poor posture is a result of long term incorrect positioning habits,

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aquatic therapy exercises

Aquatic Physical Therapy is more than just swimming

When many people hear aquatic physical therapy they think of swimming or treading water. But it is much more than that. Aquatic physical therapy has many benefits, and swimming and the rewards of such is one aspect of it, mainly due to the properties of water itself.
The buoyancy component provides an environment of decreased weight for someone engaged in aquatic physical therapy. This decreases stresses and forces on the joints which allows for less pain while exercising than on land in a full gravity situation.

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Sports therapy exercise software

Five easy ways for physical therapists to improve home exercise programs and patient compliance

Getting a patient to perform their home exercise program consistently has always been a concern of a physical therapist. As a health professional we know how crucial the home program can be. With a finite amount of directed and supervised exercise time in the clinic only so much progression can occur. It just makes sense that therapeutic intervention outside the clinic can make a significant difference. And so the big question has always been “What can a physical therapist do to ensure the best possible adherence and follow through of a home program by the patient?” Following are five key guidelines that can be done to improve compliance.

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