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Six essential functional tests for senior adults

Whether you are a physical therapist, athletic trainer, chiropractor, personal trainer, or wellness professional, at some point in time you will interact with the senior adult. Fitness is typically related with the younger or middle aged adult, but people over 60 need adequate strength, flexibility and endurance to sustain function and perform normal activities of daily living. Therefore, functional tests are essential for the health professional interacting with the senior adult.
The typical strength and flexibility tests used with a younger population will usually not meet the needs of the senior adult nor will the normative values associated with those functional tests apply.

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How to expand your personal training business with senior test assessments

Most personal training businesses and personal trainers are interested in retaining clients and adding new clients. This just makes sense. People will drop out of programs, so it just makes sense to try to gain new clients. While personal training is often viewed as working with a healthy and average youthful population, there are other options. It is possible to expand your personal training business by attracting the senior population. By having the knowledge and the ability to offer personal training senior test assessments,

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