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Personal trainer software
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Use our personal trainer software to provide fitness programs, track test performance and provide meal plans.

Total PT Fitness is a web based program, and requires its own website to best show the benefits and features. This includes signing up for your free two week trial, log in access, phone app details, content information and pricing. However this corporate website can provide some basics. To fully experience the power and versatility of this great personal trainer software, we suggest you go directly to the Total PT Fitness website using the link below. 

Are you looking for exercise only? See Exercise Pro Live. Or do you only want nutrition? Then check out Nutrition Maker Online.

Here are just a few of the many great features:

Personal trainer software

Over 3000 Videos

Gym equipment, elastic bands, cardio, yoga, free weights and more.

Total PT Fitness phone app

Client Phone App

Client phone app for access to exercise videos, tests, forms and more.

Personal trainer software

150+ Tests

Body fat, agility, flexibility, strength, agility, senior, functional and more.

Healthy meal planning

Meal Plans

Hundreds of meal plans in many calorie ranges, made by Registered Dietitians.

“I can’t decide which is best; the customer service, flexibility, or reporting capability of this software company.”
David Rachel III, CEO, HealthEFit

“Very easy to manage and easy for clients to understand the meal plans. it’s easy to use, easy to update for clients and has so many pre-set meal plans to use if you need to!”
Vanessa Vitali, Vanessa Vitali Fitness
  • Train clients in person or online. 
  • Branded with your company logo.
  • Customize to your needs.
  • Grow your business.
  • Free training and support.
  • Affordable monthly or annual subscriptions and no long term contracts.
  • Professional association discounts.
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Personal trainer software
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