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Standard Training Package Single Computer, Single User

$449.00 (save $54)

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The Standard package is a Windows based combination package of Fitness Maker Pro, Exercise Expert and Management Maker is a great choice for those just getting started. You get fitness assessment, meal planning, exercise programs and billing/scheduling. And at a great price and the benefit of saving money. The three programs are separate but they do link and share information.

The Standard package is not made for the Mac, but may work if you have a Windows emulator program. See Technical Specs tab.

Fitness Maker Professional is our fitness assessment and nutrition software for health professionals. It is a combination of our Fitness Maker and Nutrition Maker programs into one program.  This is a great program and one of our most popular products.

Exercise Expert is our exercise and fitness program design for fitness professionals. Print handouts, send programs by email. The basic program has over 550 strength and fitness related exercises and can be expanded with extra content as needed. This modular system means you pay for only the content you need and add to the program as budget allows. Exercise Expert is a onetime fee with no ongoing costs.

Management Maker handles all your scheduling needs and basic billing.

On the assessment portion, Fitness Maker Professional tracks and records fitness test information, establishes client goals, helps assess health risks and provide many types of reports for your clients.

Fitness test results in graphs

The nutrition section determines client calorie requirements; lets you issue registered dietitian created meal plans, as well as provide shopping lists and recipes for your clients.

In addition, Fitness Maker Professional maintains client information, contains fitness information handouts, common questionnaires and health forms. Included is a basic exercise library to help create fitness programs. It also contains a group to group and individual analysis feature.

List of client fitness goals

Fitness Maker Professional is designed for personal trainers, nutritionists, athletic coaches, corporate wellness centers, health clubs, university fitness programs and recreational centers. Easy to use, affordable, and comprehensive, Fitness Maker Professional is a top choice.

Benefits for the health professional:

Provide RD designed meal plans.
Add nutrition to your services.
Enhance your image.
Set yourself above your peers.
Improve your testing procedures.
Higher quality of training.
Save time.
Gain new clients and increase retention.

Benefits for your clients:

Easy to understand fitness test reports.
Easy to follow meals plans and recipes.
Better motivation and goal oriented incentives.
Boosted trust in their trainer.
Improved understanding of exercise techniques.

General Features of Fitness Maker Professional fitness assessment software:

  • Stores client contact information
  • Unlimited number of clients.
  • Client before and after photos.
  • Program supports multiple trainers (see options or License tab for details).
  • Over 100 fitness tests many with normative values.
  • Built in test protocols with instructions.
  • Built in test calculators.
  • Health history and medical questionnaires included.
  • RD designed meal plans.
  • Shopping lists.
  • Recipes.
  • Create custom questionnaires.
  • Flags client health risk issues.
  • Formulates measurable and realistic goals.
  • Add tests.
  • Print or email color reports.
  • Group to group analysis.
  • Individual to group analysis.
  • Simple and condensed exercise library.

Exercise Expert

Shoulder raise exercise with weights    lunge squat exercise

While Exercise Expert is designed for personal trainers, it is also an excellent resource for athletic coaches, corporate wellness centers, health clubs, university fitness programs and recreational centers. Exercises print with instructions, illustrations, set, reps and other pertinent information. In addition, Exercise Expert can link and share information with our fitness assessment program.

Exercise Expert benefits for the health professional:

Enhances your image.
Sets yourself above your peers.
Improves fitness program development.
Provides a higher quality of training.
Saves time.
Helps gain new clients and increase retention.

Exercise Expert benefits for your clients:

Improved client understanding of exercise techniques with clear photos.
Better implementation of exercise programs with clear sets and rep information.
Boosted trust in their trainer.

Exercise handouts personal trainers Exercise handouts personal training

shoulder lifts with weights on ball Shoulder press with weights in gym

General Features of Exercise Expert:

  • Unlimited number of clients.
  • Program supports multiple trainers.
  • Print or email programs.
  • Programs branded with your logo.
  • Create exercise templates to save even more time.
  • Save exercise into Favorites list.
  • Color photos and B/W line art.
  • Numerous layout options.
  • Preset defaults for sets and reps based on trainer preference.
  • Include target heart rate with cardio programs.
  • Auto save and backup.
  • Free email support.
  • Add on content means you only buy what you need and expand as needed.

Search Features

  • Efficient search engine makes finding exercise easy.
  • Search by body area, muscle, movement, position equipment and more.

Exercise Expert search screen     Exercise Expert software search screen

Management Maker

Your own personal billing and scheduling Windows based software for personal trainers. It will help schedule individual client or group appointments, maintain client payments, maintain staff hours and contains a marketing and retention feature.

client info page screenshot

Management Maker is great for the individual trainer or the multi trainer fitness center. It can be utilized in wellness programs, corporate environments, health clubs, university fitness programs and recreational centers. As with all of our software, it is easy to use and affordable.

The system will alert you when clients need to update payments or memberships. It will keep maintain and track staff working hours. Other features include sending marketing emails for events or special offers. If a client’s attendance is falling off, the software will issue a notice, helping to promote improved retention.

Management Maker personal trainer software will integrate with our fitness assessment software creating a comprehensive fitness package for the fitness professional.



  • Schedule individual appointments and group classes.
  • Track attendance, cancellations and no shows.
  • View by day, week, or month.
  • Print copies of the schedule for the staff and clients.
  • Comes with two Admin log ins for extra cost.

screen shot of schedule       screen shot of staff schedule page


  • Bill clients for classes or sessions.
  • Track client payments.
  • Track and bill membership fees.
  • Create and track invoices.
  • Generate envelopes and/or labels for mailing.
  • Monitor revenue for the fitness center.

invoicing sample

Marketing and Client Retention:

  • Email or send postcard mailings for events, promotions, services, etc.
  • Postcard and email templates.
  • Notification alerts of clients with a high no show or cancel rate.
  • Email or mail delinquent clients to re-establish attendance.

marketing postcards

Fitness Maker Professional and Exercise Expert only $319 - one time license fee

  • Fitness testing
  • Calorie Assessment
  • Meal Plans and Recipes
  • Unlimited clients
  • Branded with your company logo
  • Goal tracking feature
  • Custom summary reporting
  • Group and individual analysis
  • Test calculators
  • 550 Exercises
  • Add on content available
  • Exercise defaults
  • Print or email fitness programs
  • Multiple layouts
  • Video tutorials
  • Easy data backup
  • Billing
  • Scheduling
  • No annual or maintenance fee
  • Free email support


There are several options available for the Standard package that can expand its features.

Fitness Maker Professional and Management Maker can be licensed for more than one user and it can be licensed to operate on a multiple computer network system. See Licensing tab to order additional users or to add the network option.

And we offer many RD designed meal plan templates at affordable prices.

Fitness Maker Professional can be expanded to include dietary analysis. See our Nutrition Maker Plus product.

Exercise Expert has over 15 add on content libraries, including stretching, core strength Yoga, etc.

Fitness Maker Professional V3 and Exercise Expert Version 6 and Management Maker V1, available on CD or as a download and is designed to operate in the Microsoft Windows environment (Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, Surface Pro). If you have an older version please contact us for compatibility and upgrades.

Do you own a Mac?  Our software is not made for the Mac. It may be possible to run our software on a Mac if you have a windows emulator like Parallels.  No refunds on software. Please call or email us if you have further questions.

Requirements for Fitness Maker Professional V3 and Exercise Expert single install:

  • Pentium 3 or better processor
  • 256 or more megabytes of memory
  • 450 megabytes of free disk space
  • Microsoft Windows 2003, 2008, 2012, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or Surface Pro (either 32 bit or 64 bit on all operating systems.)
  • At Least 1020x768 Resolution
  • Ink or Laser Jet Printer

Technical Specifications:

  • Applications are written .NET 2.0 or greater
  • Database access is via ADO.Net
  • Supports Client/Server and Peer to Peer architectures
  • No additional software or hardware keys need to be purchased to run the software
  • Tested on Windows 2003, 2008, 2012, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Works with touch and pen based screens
  • Supports both UNC and mapped drives

Technical update patches are free.

Questions? Please call us at (800) 750-2756 or email us at

Fitness Maker Professional and Management Maker are licensed for one computer and one user and is available on CD or as a download . We offer options to include more than one user or to use on multiple computers on a network.

Additional user licenses does not mean the program is installed on multiple computers. It means multiple users can use the program on one computer. To allow the program to be accessed on multiple computers the network upgrade must be purchased and your computers must be networked.

If you purchase additional user licenses or networking for one "Maker" product, it does apply to any other "Maker" product you have. Example: if you buy an extra user license for Management Maker you will have an extra license for Fitness Maker Pro too.

Additional User Licenses (enable more than one user on same computer): $100 each
Additional User licenses (enable more than one user on same computer): Five for $299
Network Upgrade (allow the program to be installed on a network so users can access from multiple computers): $250.00

Exercise Expert is licensed as a single computer install, multiple users and unlimited clients.

There is no annual fee. There is no maintenance fee. Technical support is free by email. Technical update patches are fee as a download. Once purchased there are no refunds on Fitness Maker Professional, Exercise Expert or Management Maker.

There are no refunds on software. Once an activation or registration code has been issued, there is no way for us to deactivate the program. We have no way to verify if you have the proper computer to run the programs, so not having the correct operating system or computer is not grounds for a refund. We offer full working trial versions of all our software so potential customers can examine and use the programs to determine if they will meet their needs prior to purchasing.

More detailed information on terms is listed here: Terms of Use

Technical support for Fitness Maker Professional, Exercise Expert and Management Maker is free by email. We offer phone support for $35/year. To sign up for our phone support option, add that option to your shopping cart.

Single Computer Install
Network Installation for Maker Products
Network Installation for Maker Products with Management Maker
Global Default instructions for Exercise Pro and Exercise Expert
BioEx Software and the User Account Control - This document applies to any computer with Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 with the UAC on.

Following are patches available.

To upgrade Exercise Expert version 6 up to version 6.041
To upgrade Fitness Maker Professional version 3 to version 3.084
To upgrade Management Maker version 1 to version 1.186

Click here for more info on the patches

Following are manuals for the suite.

Exercise Expert Getting Started Guide
Exercise Expert Manual
Fitness Getting Started Guide
Nutrition Getting Started Guide
Fitness Maker Professional Manual
Management Maker Administrator Getting Started Guide
Management Maker User Getting Started Guide
Management Maker Manual

For other questions or resolution for any issue you may be having, contact us at or call us: 800-750-2756, ext 3.

The most recent version of Fitness Maker Professional is version 3. If you have version 1 or 2, the price to upgrade to version 3 is $79.00. Contact us to upgrade. The most recent version of Exercise Expert is version 6. If you have an earlier version, the upgrade is free with the purchase of any add on library. The most recent version of Management Maker is version 1 and there is no current upgrade.

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