Senior and Functional Testing module for Fitness Maker


Fitness Maker senior test software module

Senior and Functional Test module for Fitness Maker:


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This add on module is must for anyone wanting to train, test or provide wellness services to the senior and ederly populations. The tests emphasize function, balance, strength and indepedence levels for individuals over 60. With the continued aging of the baby-boomer population this module becomes more and more critical to have.

All tests come with complete worksheets and instructions on performing tests.

In order to use this module you must have either Fitness Maker, Fitness Maker Professional or Nutrition Maker Plus.

senior test six minute walk

Includes the following tests with normative values when applicable:

  • 10 Repetition Chair Stand
  • 2 Minute Step
  • 30 Second Chair Stand
  • 5 Repetition Chair Stand
  • 6 Minute Walk
  • 8 Foot Up and Go
  • Activities-Specific Balance Confidence
  • Arm Curl
  • Back Stratch
  • Berg Balance Scale
  • Chair Sit and Reach
  • Four Hundred Meter Walk
  • Four Square Step
  • Functional Reach
  • Gait Speed
  • Modified Physical Performance
  • Physical Performance
  • Short Physical Performance Battery
  • Timed Up and Go

senior test software   senior test six minute walk

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