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Total PT Fitness Nutrition (formerly Nutrition Maker Focus) is our Windows based nutrition software program for health professionals for assessing client calorie requirements, providing detailed meal plans, tracking goals and performing dietary analysis. The program contains recipes and will create custom shopping lists so your client can easily implement your meal plan into their daily routine. Total PT Fitness Nutrition also contains informational handouts to assist in nutritional education for the client.

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Total PT Fitness Nutrition is made for personal trainers, wellness programs, and health clubs. Our meal plan templates make it easy to use and affordable.

Benefits for the health professional:

As a nutrition professional, you provide motivation and expertise. By having Total PT Fitness Nutrition as a part of your resources you get the following advantages:

Enhance your professional image with detailed and specialized meal plans.
Set yourself above your peers and competition.
Save time creating meal plans.
Access to a large variety of meal plans at various calorie ranges at your fingertips.
Simplify providing recipes and shopping lists.
Improve and optimize your nutrition consults and meal plan implementation.
Maintain client health data in one centralized program.
Maintain client motivation, gain new clients and increase retention.
Provide the added service of Dietary Analysis.

meal plan screen

Benefits for your clients:

Easy to understand nutrition reports.
Trouble free meal planning.
Simplified shopping with detailed shopping lists.
Education material provides improved understanding of nutrition concepts.
Better motivation and optimized weight control.
Boosted trust in their health professional.
Benefits of a professional Dietary Analysis.

sample shopping list and recipe


  • Licensed for a single computer and single user.
  • Store client contact information.
  • Unlimited number of clients.
  • Client before and after photos.
  • Program supports multiple users (see options or License tab for details).
  • Determine health risk issues.
  • Create custom questionnaires.

client screen photo client data screen

  • Calorie assessment calculator.
  • 4 different BMR equations using client age, gender and activity level.
  • Establish weight goals.

calorie assess screen BMR equations screen

  • Ships with a 3 days meal plan template.
  • Create your own meal plans. Edit meal plans.
  • Purchase and use our pre made RD developed meal plans.
  • United States, Canadian, Australian, United Kingdom, and various restaurants and health food company databases.
  • Food database of over 25,000 foods.
  • Add your own foods.
  • Alternative food suggestion feature.
  • Randomize meal plan days.
  • Over 100 recipes and add your own.
  • View macro and micro nutrients.

meal plan edit details screen

  • Print or email all meal plans and other reports.
  • Print or email recipes
  • Provide shopping list.
  • Informational handouts (food type references, sodium guidelines, cholesterol, etc).
  • Diet plans with nutritional analysis.

meal plan with nutrient data
Diet Analysis
Here is how it works:
Your client provides you a detailed food diary log from 3-6 days. That information is entered into the software by you or your staff. The analysis feature then provides a detailed report of nutrition deficits for vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and suggests a variety of foods to address those shortcomings. It also provides a report of excesses such as sodium or cholesterol.

nutrient deficient report

These reports help your client understand the need for better eating habits. Most people are not aware that their food intake is not providing them proper nutrition.

These reports guide the health professional in creating a proper meal plan. After all, it is impossible to look at a client and know they are deficient in many of the required nutrients and vitamins. Now you will know! Not only that, but can add a new service to your business to bring in more clients.


Total PT Fitness Nutrition only $149 - one time license fee

  • Licensed for single user, single computer
  • Unlimited clients
  • Branded with your company logo
  • Determines calorie requirements
  • Includes 3 day meal plan
  • Print and email meal plans
  • Print and email shopping lists
  • Print and email recipes
  • Print email information handouts
  • Comprehensive food database
  • Dietary Analysis feature
  • Video tutorials
  • Easy data backup
  • No annual or maintenance fee
  • Free email support

Add on meal plan templates for TPTF Nutrition


Total PT Fitness Nutrition is available on CD or as a download and is made for Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, Surface Pro.

Total PT Fitness Nutrition can be licensed for more than one user and it can be licensed to operate on a multiple computer network system.

And we offer many RD designed meal plan templates at affordable prices.

Do you own a Mac?  TPTF Nutrition is not made for the Mac. Please examine Nutrition Maker Online which will work perfect with a Mac.

Questions? Please call us at (800) 750-2756 or email us at

There are no refunds on software. Once an activation or registration code has been issued, there is no way for us to deactivate the program. We have no way to verify if you have the proper computer to run the programs, so not having the correct operating system or computer is not grounds for a refund. We offer full working trial versions of all our software so potential customers can examine and use the programs to determine if they will meet their needs prior to purchasing.

More detailed information on terms is listed here: Terms of Use