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Total PT Fitness Nutrition/Assessment (formerly Fitness Maker Professional) is a fitness assessment and nutrition software for health professionals. It is a combination of our TPTF Assessment and TPTF Nutrition one program.  If you want to perform fitness testing and provide nutrition services, this is a great choice and our most popular product for personal trainers.

On the assessment portion, TPTF Nutrition/Assessment tracks and records fitness test information, establishes client goals, helps assess health risks and provide many types of reports for your clients.

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The nutrition section determines client calorie requirements; lets you issue registered dietitian created meal plans, as well as provide shopping lists and recipes for your clients. Additionally it will perform diet analysis reports from your clients food diary.

In addition, TPTF Nutrition/Assessment maintains client information, contains fitness information handouts, common questionnaires and health forms. Included is a basic exercise library to help create fitness programs. It also contains a group to group and individual analysis feature.

List of client fitness goals

TPTF Nutrition/Assessment is designed for personal trainers, nutritionists, athletic coaches, corporate wellness centers, health clubs, university fitness programs and recreational centers. Easy to use, affordable, and comprehensive, TPTF Nutrition/Assessment is a top choice.

Benefits for the health professional:

Provide RD designed meal plans.
Add nutrition to your services.
Enhance your image.
Set yourself above your peers.
Improve your testing procedures.
Higher quality of training.
Save time.
Gain new clients and increase retention.

senior test software

Benefits for your clients:

Easy to understand fitness test reports.
Easy to follow meals plans and recipes.
Better motivation and goal oriented incentives.
Boosted trust in their trainer.

General Features of TPTF Nutrition/Assessment software:

  • Stores client contact information
  • Unlimited number of clients.
  • Client before and after photos.
  • Program supports multiple trainers.
  • Over 150 fitness tests many with normative values.
  • Includes senior and youth tests
  • Built in test protocols with instructions.
  • Built in test calculators.
  • Health history and medical questionnaires included.
  • Determine calorie requirements.
  • Perform diet analysis.
  • RD designed meal plans.
  • Provides shopping lists.
  • Provides recipes.
  • Create custom questionnaires.
  • Flags client health risk issues.
  • Formulates measurable and realistic goals.
  • Add your own tests.
  • Print or email color reports.
  • Group to group analysis.
  • Individual to group analysis.

Total PT Fitness Nutrition        Total PT Fitness Assessment

TPTF Nutrition/Assessment only $265 - one time license fee

  • Fitness testing
  • Calorie Assessment
  • Diet Analysis
  • Meal Plans and Recipes
  • Unlimited clients
  • Branded with your company logo
  • Goal tracking feature
  • Custom summary reporting
  • Group and individual analysis
  • Test calculators
  • Video tutorials
  • Easy data backup
  • No annual or maintenance fee
  • Free email support



TPTF Nutrition/Assessment can be licensed for more than one user and it can be licensed to operate on a multiple computer network system.

We have and exercise software designed to provide fitness programs and work with TPTF Nutrition/Assessment.

We offer many RD designed meal plan templates at affordable prices.

TPTF Nutrition/Assessment is made for Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, Surface Pro. If you have a Mac, we recommend you look at our Total PT Fitness Online which will work great with a Mac.

Questions? Please call us at (800) 750-2756 or email us at

There are no refunds on software. Once an activation or registration code has been issued, there is no way for us to deactivate the program. We have no way to verify if you have the proper computer to run the programs, so not having the correct operating system or computer is not grounds for a refund. We offer full working trial versions of all our software so potential customers can examine and use the programs to determine if they will meet their needs prior to purchasing.

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