“On the Go” Meal Plan Package

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"On the Go" Meal Plan Package:


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This package contains 4 of our most popular meal plans at a great discount price. It includes Meal in Minutes, Meals in Minutes 2, Smart Fast Food, and High Energy Meal Plans. That is 280 days worth of heart healthy meal plans at 10 different calorie levels.

Meals in Minutes - Heart healthy, well balanced, fast, and easy to prepare meals.
Meals in Minutes 2 - A continuation of Meals in Minutes, plans that clients with little time and little cooking skills can quickly create healthy meals.
Smart Fast Food - A variety of no-cooking required plans that are flexible, including take out, quick mart and fast food.
High Energy - A variety of plans that are designed to increase energy over the day.

Meals in Minutes sample meal plan day

Meals in Minutes Sample Meal Plan Day

Meals in Minutes 2 sample meal plan day

Meals in Minutes 2 Sample Meal Plan Day


fast food meal plan sample day

Fast Food Meal Plan Sample Day

High Energy Meal Plan sample day

High Energy Meal Plan Sample Day


Technical support for meal plans are  free. Following are links for install instructions and recent patches.

To add Meal Plans to your version 3 Maker Product

For other questions or resolution for any issue you may be having, contact us at support@bioexsystems.com or call us: 800-750-2756, ext 3.

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