If you wish to receive a catalog and free demonstration copy of our software in the mail, in addition to downloading, please click here.
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We provide free trial downloads of all of our software programs. We encourage you to try the programs first to ensure they will meet your needs.

Our software is designed for Microsoft Windows. It will not run on an Apple computer without emulation software (such as Parallels or VMWare) that allows you to run Microsoft Windows programs on your Apple computer. If you are looking for software for your Apple computer please see our Exercise Pro Live and Total PT Fitness software.

All of our trial versions are the same version as the one you will receive when you purchase. The trial software runs in a demo mode and allows you to access the features and content. Trials do have some restricted function such as limited printing or only one or two clients. When you purchase online you will receive an activation code allowing you to use the software immediately and remove trial restrictions.

Patches and upgrades can be downloaded from the support page.

Trial downloads are between 70 and 500 megabytes. We advise a high speed connection. They will take a significant amount of time to download with a slow connection. DSL, Cable and other high speed connections should not have a problem.