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Nutrition Maker Desktop


BioEx Systems is discontinuing our Nutrition Maker Desktop software line as of Sept 1, 2022. As much as we would like to continue this product line, with most of our customers moving to our online version, it is no longer economically feasible. Desktop software, in almost all industries today, costs more to support than it makes.

In practical terms, this means that after Sept. 1, 2022 we will no longer be providing support for Nutrition Maker Desktop. This includes updates, upgrades, technical support and add on meal plan packages.

Additionally, this includes the older discontinued desktop programs of Nutrition Maker Focus and Nutrition Maker Plus.

 We want to thank all our loyal customers for using our products for so many years. We would urge all our desktop customers to consider moving over to Nutrition Maker Online. As an incentive, we will be providing significant discounts to all our current desktop customers when they change over. Contact our sales department for details (800-750-2756 ext 2 or

Dietitian software

Nutrition Maker Desktop

Our desktop Dietitian software, designed to assist the professional dietitian with nutritional consults, providing meal plans and more.

Single computer install
Single user.

Call for pricing to license for more than one clinician.

Our professional nutrition software is great for dietitians or nutritionists.

Nutrition Maker makes your job easier and decrease the headaches of meal planning. Calculate BMR and weight management goals with one of four equations. Store all your patient demographics in one easy to access software. Meal plans are provided with recipes and shopping lists. Purchase our pre-made dietitian designed plans or create your own. 

Diet analysis can help pinpoint nutritional deficiencies so you can provide healthy meal plans to get them back into a healthy state. determine patient nutritional needs. Includes questionnaires, risk assessments, diet preferences and informational handouts.

Features include

Licensing and Specifications

Nutrition Maker dietitian software is a one time license fee for one computer and one user and can be used with unlimited patients. It  can be licensed for multiple users or for a network. There are no refunds on software. We offer a free trial to ensure the software will meet your needs prior to purchasing.

Nutrition Maker is made for Microsoft Windows 10, and Surface Pro. It is not compatible with Mac computers. We advise Mac users to consider our online version, Nutrition Maker online.

"Providing meal plans is easier than ever now."
Kelli Dansee, RD
"Nutrition Maker has been a great investment. My clients love the recipes and the shopping lists make it easy for them to get all the ingredients they need."
Katie Phillips
Certified Nutritionist

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