Academic rehabilitation software solutions by BioEx

Academic Rehabilitation Software Solutions

For over 20 years BioEx Systems Inc. has helped support the educational process by providing generous student and University discounts of our products. Our academic rehabilitation software solutions discounts extend to college programs and to students, primarily in Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Assistant or Athletic Training programs.

To be eligible for academic rehabilitation software discounts, the software must be used in the academic setting of an accredited program in the disciplines noted above. Discounts also extend to students enrolled in any of the program types listed above.

Exercise Pro Desktop for home exercise programs, the leading home exercise program for desktops, is in use at over 350 PT, PTA, and ATC programs throughout the country. We can provide either single computer installs or multi student user networks. Discounts can extend to 40% or more as a one time fee.

Now, BioEx Systems announces the release of an exciting new rehabilitation software and educational resource. Exercise Pro Live is a web based system for home programs and rehabilitation instruction. It provides over 3100 professional HD videos and will also create printed handouts. Since it is on the Cloud, it can be used on Windows, Mac and mobile devices such as the Android pad or iPad. And our free patient phone app with Rewards improves compliance.

Its uses in the classroom are numerous: examination of substitution patterns, formulating exercise plans, validation of exercise parameters, tissue targeting, introduction to specialized exercises, concepts of patient compliance and more. And it doesn’t stop there; students can use it during their clinic internships for patient treatments. We also provide permission to use illustrations in quizzes, tests and student thesis.

Exercise Pro Live home program prescription is now available for students and faculty at fair and affordable pricing. Price for a student is only $24.99 per year. And faculty is free. We provide various options to get you started, Give us a call or drop us an email.

Call 800-750-2756, ext 2 or email or if you have any questions or need more information.