EMR Software Integration

What is Integration?

EMR software integration means the clinician opens up their exercise software from within their documentation software, creates an exercise program and a PDF summary is automatically attached to the patient record. Using integrated software saves time and improves work flow. Both Exercise Pro desktop and Exercise Pro Live (online) both integrate and link with many different Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software documentation programs.

If you are a clinic and the EMR software you use is not on the list, contact us and let us help arrange integration. If you are an EMR company and want to see your EMR software on the list, contact us for details on how simple and quick it can happen.

EMR Software integration partners:

a2c emr software

A2C Medical

Clinic Controller: Therapy is an integrated system for EHR, scheduling, billing, documentation, and reporting. A2C Medical has been delivering Clinic Controller since 2001 to owners who are serious about managing their clinics. Clinic Controller is kept on the forefront of innovation, from the 5010, to PQRS, to ICD-10 and beyond. The integration with BioEx Systems Exercise Pro Live enables the quick-access of patient exercise programs without having to re-enter demographic data. Exercise programs are also able to be saved to the patient's case seamlessly, so they can become a part of the permanent patient record.  A2C Medical

Cedaron EMR Software logo

“Eliminate denials, streamline workflow, and increase productivity with CONNECT, the industry’s most trusted and reliable Rehab EMR solution. Developed in partnership with industry-leading associations, CONNECT enables hospital Outpatient Rehab Clinics and private practices to increase profitability and improve patient care. In addition to providing the highest quality product, Cedaron prides itself on offering the best customer support with staff available for troubleshooting 24-7. Integrating with Exercise Pro and Exercise Pro Live is an asset that enables therapists to provide an upgraded standard of patient care. Together we are an invaluable resource for therapists in every practice.”   Cedaron

redoc logo


Medical documentation software for physical therapy. Links with Exercise Pro and Exercise Pro Live. NetHealth


Source Medicine EMR Logo

Source Medical

SourceMed is the leading provider of software, analytics, and revenue cycle management solutions for rehabilitation clinics and ambulatory surgery centers. With more than 31 years of real-world experience and more than 5,000 satisfied customers, SourceMed offers solutions to improve operational efficiency and cash flow while enabling healthcare facilities to capture, exchange, and analyze data to deliver a higher standard of care.

SourceMed partners with best-in-class solution providers that offer unique product innovations and complimentary capabilities that can deliver immediate, positive impact and value to our clients. SourceMed is proud to partner with BioEx Systems, the leader in exercise software used by physical therapists, to offer our customers Exercise Pro and Exercise Pro Live integrated with SourceMed Therapy Source.  Our partnership and integration provide better engagements of care between therapist and patient while enhancing productivity for facility staff.  Sourcemed

TurboPT EMR Software


Turbo PT offers an intuitive, integrated practice management system to streamline your workflow and solve productivity and performance challenges. Turbo PT’s intuitive design, insightful analytics, and seamless EHR integration with Exercise Pro Live makes it easy for practices to accomplish more in less time. From scheduling, billing, documentation, and practice management, we deliver one comprehensive software solution that will influence improved patient outcomes, productivity, and quality of care.  TurboPT

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